Aoyama Square
Business hours

From 11:00 to 19:00
The last day of special event corner,
Until 17:00 is displayed.

Year round
(but except the year-end and New Year holidays)



8-1-22, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F

※There is not exclusive parking lot.
Excuse me, but please use toll parking lot of in site or neighborhood on visit by car.



About meeting of friend

The points collect at every shopping and are reward card which we can reduce the price of with point that we saved. To member of special event guide.

1. The enrollment

At Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square store, apply after filling out matter necessary for application.
Annual convention costs and update costs are unnecessary, but take 500 yen at the time of the enrollment as issuance of reward card fee.


・Grant of point

We add five points every purchase amount of money 100 yen (tax-excluded sum) by cash or credit card at store (less than 100 yen cut off). Please show reward card in the check every time.

Point that we saved is available as some purchase price at the time of the product purchase after the next time in our restaurant. The use as one point of = 1 yen is possible.

There are none on expiration date of point.

The use of card is limited to the person.

There is thing which is not given point to the postage, book, some products. For more details, please contact the staff of store.

・Offer of various information

We do information for various information such as special event in our restaurant or event by traditional industrial arts Industry Promotion Association, service contents by postcard and email.

3.Loss of card

On loss or theft of card, please connect with our restaurant promptly.
In the case of card reissue, we take 200 yen as fee, but can transfer total point to new card. We cannot use old card after the reissue of card.
We get card wet in water and bend and may not use when we bring close to porcelain.

4. Change of report matter

When change occurs in address, full name which had you send, please connect with our restaurant early.

5. Withdrawal

You can resign at any time. After the withdrawal, remaining point shall become extinct.

6. Privacy Policy

We use information to have you provide from customer for the next purpose. We may not disclose customer information that had you provide to third party.
To perform various information for our restaurant and related facility.
Because service of our restaurant or various campaigns are useful for marketing campaign.
In the case of card reissue of card loss, to perform person confirmation of customer.

7. Others

You change service contents, system without notice and revise, and please note that you may abolish. We shall show around change matter by documents.