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The Aoyama square latest information
2018/7/9 Monday news

Skill - summer ... of artisan held until July 25 [Loan Object Exhibition]

In Aoyama square, we hold "Loan Object Exhibition" any place other than the "temporary exhibition" "artisan corner" once in several months.


This Loan Object Exhibition "skill - summer ... of artisan" was comprised of [Loan Object Exhibition exhibitor], [Mitsui Golden artisan Prize exhibition exhibitor], three branches of [NEW DENSAN PROJECT exhibitor], and it was just decided to be able to come toward the creator with force most.


Individuality group young person group of Hakone Yosegi Zaiku proud of sign of life that is great mark to from overseas one, miscellaneous small trees musical accompaniment (grove of miscellaneous trees) (week of the latter half).


We make thing of various forms with Hakone Yosegi Zaiku

As for the famous miscellaneous small trees musical accompaniment, it is active in six people now in the country,

We seemed to be active by the name that we were active in five people and spent on five musical accompaniments at the start.


Work which miscellaneous small trees musical accompaniment different in expertise each produces raises the popularity day by day,

It is exhibited in event and exhibition at various places.


As it becomes the first exhibition in Aoyama square,

It becomes up-and-coming industrial art object.


And wanting you to pay attention one more

Atsushi Yamamoto (week of the first half) of Kutani Yaki presented with prize in Mitsui Golden artisan Prize.


National Officially designated Traditional craft products open call for participants exhibition Prime Minister Prize prize winner

Yamamoto is influential person who takes Prime Minister Prize by national Officially designated Traditional craft products open call for participants exhibition in 2017.


In nicety which he makes work full of translucency,

There is power to attract all the things to look at.


As well as these two sets,

As works which we do not usually display line in Aoyama square this time,

Please enjoy.


Detailed contents of Loan Object Exhibition from this ⇒ "~ in skill - summer of [Loan Object Exhibition] artisan"