Aoyama Square
Business hours

From 11:00 to 19:00
The last day of special event corner,
Until 17:00 is displayed.

Year round
(but except the year-end and New Year holidays)



8-1-22, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F

※There is not exclusive parking lot.
Excuse me, but please use toll parking lot of in site or neighborhood on visit by car.



The Aoyama square latest information

2015/9/4 Friday news

Visit ... artisan; and ... Akazu Yaki :We updated Daigo Kato _!

We updated o for "Akazu Yaki which anyone could use casually"! The latest article is this ...

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2015/9/2 Wednesday news

[blog update] Top - Kishu Shikki ... of "functional beauty" which vermilion and black weave

  We updated Aoyama square blog, "top - Kishu Shikki ... of "functional beauty" which vermilion and black wove".  We approach beautiful Kishu Shikki described as "functional beauty". List of blog...

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2015/9/1 Tuesday news

Aoyama square "Japan, here wazaari!" We updated

"It is wazaari Aoyama square blog, here Japanese! We updated skill - "of Izumo Ishidoro which ... small bird was pleased with. We introduce the skill of traditional stone processing in Shimane. List of blog from this....

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2015/8/27 Thursday news

It is wazaari ... blog - Japan here! Boshu Uchiwa

Blog "is wazaari here Japan! We uploaded Boshu Uchiwa ... which passed from ... Edo era. Temporary exhibition "wazaari here Japanese!" to hold in Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square for from Friday, September 18 to Wednesday, September 30 It is the second of introduction of participation production center!...

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2015/8/25 Tuesday news

[blog update] Autumn Aoyama square new product

Aoyama square blog, We updated "autumn Aoyama square new product".       We introduce had traditional industrial art object to Aoyama square newly from August. & nb...

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2015/8/20 Thursday news

[blog update] Present - Kamo Kiri Tansu from trees of nature

Aoyama square blog, We updated "present - Kamo Kiri Tansu from trees of nature".       Island where there was introduction in tradition industrial art object "Kamo Kiri Tansu" which we continued living for more than eternal time...

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2015/8/18 Tuesday news

[blog update] Mouse pad which can taste slightly luxurious feeling

Aoyama square blog, We updated "mouse pad which could taste slightly luxurious feeling".       Traditional industrial art object which can be called being precise made ... only one special dish "hakokonki...

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2015/8/14 Friday news

[blog update] Card case with impact

Aoyama square blog, We updated "card case with impact".     We introduce tradition industrial art object "Kaba Zaiku" which emits unforgettable brightness if we see once.   ...

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2015/8/11 Tuesday news

Visit ... artisan; and ... Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen: We updated Sawako Daichi _!

We updated o for "the making of pattern that heart was pleased" with! The latest article is this   ...

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2015/8/10 Monday news

[blog update] "Sum living loves temporary exhibition! Gather; state of kimono show by woman artisan exhibition

Aoyama square blog, "Sum living loves "temporary exhibition! Gathered and updated state of kimono show by woman artisan exhibition.        State of kimono show "swagger with kimono" by women...

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