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2019/3/7 Thursday product information

Helmet and armor equalled Aoyama square

March begins, Helmet and armor formed a line in central stage of Aoyama square for May.       Kind that helmet and armor and doll for the Boy's Festival of each production center arrive, and there will be many from now on...

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2019/2/21 Thursday news

[holding until Tuesday, February 26]
Officially designated Traditional craft products exhibition WAZA2019 began!

On the eighth floor of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro, WAZA2019 began this year.     This year from the first day, It is arrived many customers, and venue is slightly being crowded a little.   ...

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2019/2/8 Friday news

New reputation came to Aoyama square!

"Where is the Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square? We are at Aoyama-Itchome Station now…, "walk Aoyama-dori, but cannot find "," may call.   so...

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2019/2/1 Friday news

"Home pictorial" March issue publication product equalled online shopping!

We became able to purchase product of "Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square" which had Tamiho Yokose of interior stylist take up with "home pictorial" March issue (February 1 release) online.   ze...

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2019/1/4 Friday product information

Aoyama square of January

A Happy New Year. Aoyama square is usually from today business!   The Dolls' Festival has been already given glory to in shop.     At now central corner, This;...

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2018/12/28 Friday news

Thank you this year. We would like 2019

2018 is finally over, too. What kind of 2018 was everybody? Would it be happy one year?     As for the Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square, today is the last business day this year. Newly...

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Special dish which is recommended on 2018/12/20 Thursday

Charm of Inami Chokoku which turned from Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine sculpture into indoor sculpture of standard home

In Nanto-shi, Toyama, There is Inami Chokoku of Officially designated Traditional craft products.     Beginning of Inami Chokoku, Four carpenters local for engraver dispatched for the Zuisen-ji Temple main hall of a Buddhist temple rebuilding from Kyoto are repair osuruta...

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2018/11/22 Thursday product information

We put cute wild boar

This year is another just a little over one month, too. Sexagenary cycle "wild boar" of the Heisei last begins to equal Aoyama square.   What wild boars of each production center begin to form a line, but will put to Aoyama square now from now on Washi Paper, Ceramics,...

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2018/11/2 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of "traditional industrial art object of Iwate" and "Murakami Kibori Tsuishu"

Artisan corner "skill - Murakami Kibori Tsuishu exhibition of ... Echigo Murakami tradition" began with temporary exhibition "breath autumn form ... of traditional industrial art object exhibition - Michinoku of Iwate" each from today.   It is talk show in Aoyama square after a long absence...

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2018/9/10 Monday news

Aoyama square of September

It was season when autumn wind was finally felt.   Meanwhile, Aoyama square is stained with autumnal scenery, too.   Aoyama square changes temporary exhibition every 2 weeks, every other week artisan corner...

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