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Archive: October, 2015

2015/10/30 Friday exhibition information

Kurume is talk show of pickpocket and Koshu Tebori Insho

"Kurume loses, and indigo plant bloom Tanaka cloth with splashed pattern studio exhibition" is started on October 30 today until next Wednesday. Today for the first day, talk show was performed in the neighborhood of entrance of Aoyama square from 14:00. [cap...

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2015/10/26 Monday exhibition information

State of JTCW reception

JAPAN TRADITIONAL CRAFTS WEEK began on 24th at last. In the second floor of Aoyama square which is main venue of Tokyo [caption id="attachme...

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2015/10/16 Friday exhibition information

The 50th whole country Laquer Ware exhibition talk show holding

Temporary exhibition "the 50th whole country Laquer Ware exhibition" began in Aoyama square from today. And we tell about the design as talk show was started at 14:00 in Aoyama square. [caption ...

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2015/10/7 Wednesday product information

New arrival product ... of Aoyama square ... October

It was slightly slow introduction, but October began, and new product entered Aoyama square! Mountains industrial arts person society <October new product>  We replace product of mountains industrial arts person society every month...

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2015/10/2 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of Sakai Uchihamono and Murakami Kibori Tsuishu

With "Sakai Uchihamono Master of Traditional Crafts exhibition" that is held from today "talk show of skill - "of Murakami Kibori Tsuishu exhibition - Echigo Murakami tradition was performed in Aoyama square. We introduce state of the talk show today. ...

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