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Archive: November, 2015

2015/11/27 Friday exhibition information

"Mino Yaki Kato sound ceramics exhibition" talk show

"Mino Yaki Kato sound ceramics exhibition" began in Aoyama square from today. And Aoyama square annual talk show was performed from 14:00! [caption id="attachment...

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2015/11/25 Wednesday news

State of "Internet utilization seminar"

We performed "Internet utilization seminar" toward person who made industrial art object on November 24 in meeting room of google. It is nyu in the coming times, the times when the Internet is indispensable even if it is creator...

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2015/11/24 Tuesday product information

We sell Akazu Yaki at artisan corner [akatsu*dentokogeishiinekaki*sakuten] in online shop!

With work in [akatsu*dentokogeishiinekaki*sakuten] which went in Aoyama square until from 20 to 25 on November, we decided to start sale in online shop! It is come until now by exhibition held in Aoyama square...

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2015/11/18 Wednesday product information

Kishiwara Yaki favorite with simplicity that point and point form

 Possibly there may be few people knowing even if said to be "Kishiwara Yaki". Of course think, but even thin person of interest knows that know if Officially designated Traditional craft products is favorite one to industrial art object; "Italy...

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2015/11/13 Friday exhibition information

Kaba Zaiku It is talk show of <Hasami Yaki> in this

"Akita tradition industrial art object exhibition" and "Hasami Yaki Master of Traditional Crafts bamboo no lower left 1,000 husband ceramic works exhibition" began on today in Aoyama square! And state in talk show becoming annual of Aoyama square having been held...

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2015/11/9 Monday product information

New arrival product ... of Aoyama square ... November

 It was early that time passed, and the second week began in November. Product begins to appear in Christmas in Aoyama square only just a little earlier. [caption id="attachment_88...

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Special dish which is recommended on 2015/11/6 Friday

Cute Takaoka Doki of design ... hard material which is cue tea

Does "Takaoka Doki" which is Officially designated Traditional craft products have firm image? Incense lamp or ... ... which we think to do ornament of heavy dragon or this salmon roe. But as for the Takaoka Doki which does not come in Aoyama square...

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