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Archive: December, 2015

2015/12/28 Monday product information

The last blog of this year

It was the last week this year. Christmas is over, and year-end atmosphere draws near at a stretch. Atmosphere of permanent exhibition changes in Aoyama square, and many dolls are displayed. Doll which complies...

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2015/12/22 Tuesday product information

Golden beautiful ... which gold leaf - Kanazawa Haku to dream of charms

You hear with money, and what kind of impression will you have? There may be two of positive images such as "richness" "luxurious" "high quality" "winners" and negative images such as "upstart" "showy" "arrogance". &nb...

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2015/12/21 Monday exhibition information

Talk show last in December

We performed annual talk show in Aoyama square on 18th. What had you talk is doing dyeing and weaving from Gomyo of artisan corner "beauty of marrying into a family gold leaf" of "five disciplines exhibition" and temporary exhibition "industrial art object exhibition of Higo 54 Mangoku"...

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2015/12/12 Saturday news

★☆★The tradition industrial art object – latter part which colors Christmas–★☆★

Hello. It is introduction, the latter part of Christmas product to be able to buy right now in Aoyama square online shop. We are in time enough even from now of buying on Christmas! The first part introduces wineglass and champagne glass...

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2015/12/11 Friday news

★☆★The tradition industrial art object – first part which colors Christmas–★☆★

Everybody hello. It is news from Aoyama square online shop. We heard Christmas song in town, and various Christmas illuminations that made an elaborate plans came to color scenery shiningly....

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2015/12/3 Thursday product information

New arrival product ... of Aoyama square ... December

If think that finally became temperature like winter, another December. It is early that time passes. New product comes up in Aoyama square in December. Kamakura Bori [caption id="att...

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