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Archive: March, 2016

2016/3/30 Wednesday news

Mitsui Golden takumishozoshoshiki

zoshoshiki of "Mitsui Golden takumisho" which we raised in our HP was performed in Yomiuri Otemachi hall from 14:00 on March 29. In this zoshoshiki, it is zosho and mosutopopyura prize and the grand prix to five prize winners...

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2016/3/18 Friday exhibition information

Imari Arita Yaki and Kutani Yaki, talk show of Akazu Yaki

"Imari Arita Yaki open kiln 400 years Kutani Yaki open kiln 360 years memory exhibition" and "Akazu Yaki 2s Umemura fine weather peak, Tomohiros exhibition" began in Aoyama square from today. And talk show only slightly after a long absence was performed today...

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2016/3/8 Tuesday product information

manko* which came more than history

Yokkaichi Banko Yaki is Officially designated Traditional craft products which came more than various times. The oldest thing is said to be "komanko*", and it is said to be opening that business magnate, Rozan Nunami of Kuwana did open kiln at the middle in the Edo era. But after having done for a while...

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2016/3/3 Thursday product information

Helmet did to Aoyama square

Doll of various production centers was displayed to center part of Aoyama square after it was over in year. But today is March 3. Okay, it is day of the Doll's Festival. The Dolls' Festival is good as far as clear up early, but late...

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