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Archive: April, 2016

2016/4/15 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of Kyo Yaki - Kiyomizu Yaki

Talk show was performed by held temporary exhibition "Kyo Yaki - Kiyomizu Yaki temporary exhibition" from 14:00 from today. We introduce part this time. At first Fujita who demonstrates today. &n...

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2016/4/7 Thursday product information

Tobe Yaki which was born from trial and error

Officially designated Traditional craft products "Tobe Yaki" of Ehime. When it was now, it was one of the famous earthenware, but there were the times when we repeated failure over and over again before Tobe Yaki was completed as industrial art object. [caption id="at...

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2016/4/4 Monday product information

New product of Aoyama square April

The new year began, and new products were had to Aoyama square. Two Officially designated Traditional craft products which was in permanent exhibition newly from this month. At first the first is Hagi Yaki. [caption id="attachment_12490...

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