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Archive: May, 2016

2016/5/31 Tuesday product information

Banshu Soroban equals Aoyama square from June!

 One of the Officially designated Traditional craft products "Banshu Soroban" will equal Aoyama square from June!  Thing which we arranged for children not tool which only calculated number even if we said abacus...

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2016/5/26 Thursday product information

Tsugaru Nuri ... named Japanese northernmost Laquer Ware - solidity

Mainichi where has high temperature. How about thinking about Japanese northern country at such time? In Laquer Ware authorized as Officially designated Traditional craft products, do you think to be thing at the northernmost part of Japan? It is Tsugaru Nuri. Tsugaru Nuri...

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2016/5/13 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of Nagoya Traditional Craft wazamon a large number of people festival and Bizen Yaki nature kiln <sedge form basis way> ceramic works exhibition

Talk show of temporary exhibition "Nagoya Traditional Craft wazamon a large number of people festival" and artisan corner "Bizen Yaki nature kiln <sedge form basis way> ceramic works exhibition" that began from today was started at 14:00 in Aoyama square. We convey state at that time this time and are...

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2016/5/12 Thursday news

Aoyama square of May

Central part of Aoyama square which we put together for a long time in Children's Day, and helmet and armor were displayed changed to good display in coming season! [caption id="attachment_132...

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2016/5/2 Monday news

JTCW kickoff meeting was held

Kickoff meeting of scheduled JTCW was held in Tokyo midtown from the end of October on April 26. (with product which creator and seller took each other's hands with ※ JTCW, and fitted needs of current master (consumers) han...

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