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2016/8/26 Friday production center visit report

Seto Sometsuke Yaki of town Seto of ceramic ware

It is land which is famous as Seto-shi, Aichi, production center of Ceramics. Generally, words "setomono" pointing at Ceramics comes from this place name. Because high quality clay was produced, it developed for a long time as production center of earthenware. It is tableware, physics and chemistry even now...

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2016/8/22 Monday product information

Aoyama square of August

We were coming to an end, but summer of Aoyama square is not over still more in the summer either.   Mainichi where hot day leads to, We come to look at required item, and how in the summer?   [...

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Special dish which is recommended on 2016/8/16 Tuesday

Beauty that there is homesickness of "one of six old kilns Tamba Tachikui Yaki"

 There is coming grilled dish in Japan from the old times called six old kilns. One of the Officially designated Traditional craft products "Tamba Tachikui Yaki" of Hyogo was counted among one of six old kilns and changed figure by the times....

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Special dish which is recommended on 2016/8/2 Tuesday

Of hot season together
Marugame Uchiwa ... with the history of ... approximately 400 years

The rainy season was over in Kanto, and full-scale summer came over.   Air conditioner and electric fan are necessary to tide over hot season, after all, speaking of summer in Japan, is it not round fan?   Traditional industrial arts...

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