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2016/11/29 Tuesday product information

Laquer Ware - Wakasa Nuri ... which let you embody the world of the bottom of the sea


There is two Laquer Ware appointed in Officially designated Traditional craft products in Fukui.

One of those is "Wakasa Nuri".


Wakasa Nuri is the beginning of 17th century,

Graphically designing the bottom of the Gulf of Kohama for hint, and lacquering tray of Chugoku having been made

Beginning maridato is said.



Tray of Wakasa Nuri

Firstly made how to paint is called "chrysanthemum dust coat" (work pitch a camp paint),

The technique comes at the present.


It is celebrity that Wakasa Nuri has much technique,

There seemed to be 1:00 period in the times to last to than 200 kinds.



Shining mother-of-pearl is studded with with small round container


Technique seems to be thing which the whole families succeed from generation to generation


It is small box with height a little. It is gorgeous even if we store nothing just to be over there.

One which is famous in a certain a lot of designs

It is eggshell design, shell design, Matuba, Hiba, rapeseed, chaff.


As large and small designs are studded with,

It becomes sense that seems to really crawl into the bottom of the sea when we see.


It is such a Wakasa Nuri,

In fact, chopsticks are famous.



Chopsticks which are elaborated carefully. There are couple chopsticks in the depths, too.

As the feature of Wakasa Nuri is that we shine like jewel shiningly,

When we usually use Wakasa Nuri for chopsticks of errand,

To spend every day happily; may help.


Even if we do for presents,

It is special dish pleased with.


In addition, it is online shop of Aoyama square, but,

We put Wakasa Nuri.



Corner type small box chrysanthemum


Tea ladle "Matuba"


Stamp tray "Matuba"

nadonado is online shop besides and can see.

Product of Wakasa Nuri is this


We do not get tired even if we see all the time,

Wakasa Nuri which expresses profound mystery.


One that we were worried about even a little,

Please see with your eyes.



Wakasa Nuri which cherry blossom petals fly

The world of the depth of few Laquer Ware should be felt elsewhere.