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Archive: March, 2017

2017/3/24 Friday exhibition information

Kumamoto earthquake revival special plan "do the best! no talk show which bear does not dissolve in

By temporary exhibition Kumamoto earthquake revival special plan "do the best! Bear does not melt, too!" But, we began on today, and talk show was performed in Aoyama square.   At first it is Ikeda of curator of Kumamoto Traditional Craft building...

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2017/3/10 Friday exhibition information

Young successors of Ishikawa and talk show of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen

Artisan corner "Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen Sada Ogura right *shinkoten" began with temporary exhibition "young successors of Ishikawa" from today.   And, in Aoyama square, talk show by artisan was performed.   ...

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2017/3/7 Tuesday product information

Aoyama square of March

Cold finally fades, too, We came to feel coming of spring.   Redecoration of central stage is over, and even Aoyama square turns into display toward May.   & nbs...

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