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Archive: April, 2017

2017/4/21 Friday product information

Aoyama square of April

It is the latter half in April and is GW soon.   GW is Aoyama square, and please come to play in many demonstrations and experiencing.   The other day, Niigata Shikki are squarer Aoyama...

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2017/4/10 Monday exhibition information

[Loan Object Exhibition] Talk show of "new idea is fragrant for traditional texture dyeing" seaweed spring breeze

In Aoyama square, "new idea was fragrant traditional texture [Loan Object Exhibition] seaweed spring breeze from April 7 to dye," but it began, and production centers of Woven textiles that there was many gathered.   And talk show by takumi is line wa from 14:00 for the first day, too...

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