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Archive: December, 2017

2017/12/28 Thursday product information

Laquer Ware named deepening - solidity of Wajima Nuri

Wajima Nuri is one of the Officially designated Traditional craft products of Ishikawa.   There are various opinions, but it is said that "door (shunuritobira) said to that we were made in the Muromachi era painted in red" is old in Wajima Nuri most. ※The title page painted in red is Wajima...

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2017/12/8 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of Otani Yaki and Seto Sometsuke Yaki

Temporary exhibition "ceramic ware Otani Yaki exhibition of Awa" and two of artisan section "Seto Sometsuke Yaki Master of Traditional Crafts society exhibition" began in Aoyama square from today, and talk show was performed from 14:00.   We want to tell about state at that time...

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