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2017/1/10 Tuesday product information

The world of historical Ojiya Chijimi that technique to come for a long time was made by the cause

In Ojiya-shi, Niigata,

What's called "hemp shrinkage" was woven.


We think whether you cannot improve hemp shrinkage more,

We succeeded in putting wrinkle (wrinkle in careful wave).


The name called "Ojiya Chijimi" is added to this,

We survive in the present age.


Ojiya Chijimi having prospered

In the time of the Edo era,

From samurai family to the people,

We wore regardless of social position.


Ojiya Chijimi which was utilized in summer in particular,

Record that number of yearly output 220,000 appeared seems to remain.


And Ojiya Chijimi is continued weaving in the present age,

We sell even Aoyama square.


The mere present age,

Because custom to always wear kimono is disappearing,

The making of accessory does not have other idea in the Woven textiles industry either.


Card case of Ojiya Chijimi

Coin purse of pouch


Characteristic of wrinkle of Ojiya Chijimi,

Live for bits and bobs,

We do the feel and become appearance yoshino product.


In addition,


Tips envelope. Special dish which even kimono look is clothes look, but shines

It is wallet of pongee not shrinkage

Stall to look colorful with calm color

In addition, we do not put to Aoyama square,

There is thing putting only in online shop.


Quite popular brief case

High-quality folding fan

In online shop,

It is handbag bag to attract attention in particular.


Not only appearance but also,

It is popular secret that is easy to use as it is large size.


                   To online shop "Ojiya Chijimi"



As opportunity conflicting with Japanese culture some other time,

How about picking up Ojiya Chijimi which is easy to adjust to hand once?