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2017/1/27 Friday exhibition information

Izushi Yaki, Iwayado Tansu, state of talk show of Morioka

From today,

"Much, the foot of Morioka of Traditional Craft - Iwate burgeoned, and, artisan section "four Traditional Craft Izushi Yaki exhibition," display of center stage "ten which was Iwayado Tansu and Iwayado living" began ..." temporary exhibition.


Annual talk show is performed in Aoyama square from 14:00,

About each work,

We had you talk.


At first it is Yamamoto of Izushi Yaki.


Creator of this way 37 years

Izushi Yaki has production center in Toyooka-shi of North Hyogo,

It is Officially designated Traditional craft products.


Characteristic is made with porcelain with white.


Firstly Izushi Yaki having been made

It was the time of the end of the Edo era.


In beginning, we seemed to only make with soil.

Then when around five years passed,

We go to ascetic practices to Arita who is famous for porcelain and take craftsman home afterwards.

And because soil called "Kakitani clay for chinaware" came to be produced in Izushi, Hyogo,

There is the history that has begun to make porcelain.


Izushi Yaki,

It is porcelain which is pure white as we saw,

About caliber who can remove wax,

Only as for the part (because glaze does not work, it is rough when we touch by hand),

When time passes, design of reddish yellow comes to come out.


It is rare for porcelain,

The feature is that it becomes tasteful so as to use if we use.


But we must know this,

There is person who is misled into thinking that tea incrustations fly and became dirty.


Izushi Yaki becoming reddish yellow

Proof that we continued using carefully.


You said that you wanted master to learn it.


Successively to Yaegashi (Yaegashi) of Iwayado Tansu,

We heard story.


Creator of Iwayado Tansu

Iwayado Tansu is one of the Officially designated Traditional craft products of Iwate.


We begin to be made from the middle of Edo era,

We assemble using zelkova, paulownia,

Put lacquer on the top,

The feature is that we attach metal fittings of iron.


Iwayado Tansu,

We experience major earthquake of 3.11, and building collapses and,

We were caught in tsunami.


However, Iwayado Tansu,

Of thing which wound stuck to is not broken,

Besides, safe report goes up thing contained inside.


As of that purpose,

Around Iwate,

You said that Iwayado Tansu suddenly increased sales.


In addition,

Iwayado Tansu,

What remain as popular industrial art object even now

We seem to be thinking that it may be in design.


We aimed at sum chest in the sum to fit room of tatami mat in old days,

We change figure to Western-style chest now though it is the sum to match in room of flooring.


It is Iwayado Tansu bought as bride tool of wedding ceremony in old days,

Width is thing of 90cm now,

As for what is sold when we have nothing to do with wedding

You said that it was one of the characteristics.



To Sato of Morioka handicraft village,

We had you talk.


Sato of handmade village

In this time "Traditional Craft - Iwate foot of a mountain, many it burgeons ~ of Morioka,"

Not only Officially designated Traditional craft products but also,

From industrial art object made in Morioka,

We had you participate in person of 27 studios.


Wanting you to see in particular

"Lithospermum Root dyeing" of grass purple temple.


Lithospermum Root dyeing was thing made from old days,

We have been cut off after a certain time.


But it revives after the Taisho era began,

We continue up to the present day.


In addition,

As for the baskets which we made with Nambu Tekki and bamboo work, grape and walnut,

It is industrial art object which is representative to show Morioka.


In addition, there is linen industrial art object called "carapace of a turtle texture",

- - to customize this characteristic to fiber after bringing up hemp, and to finish weaving,

We seemed to make all with paying own expenses from 1 to 10.


In craftsman coming in Aoyama square for four or five days in February, and demonstrating

We seemed to want you to see by all means.


Furthermore, 28th of the end of this week, 29th creator of Jobouji coating,

We come to demonstrate.

You said that you wanted you to see domestic lacquered splendor slowly and carefully raw.


People who had you talk this time,

Until artisan corner "four Traditional Craft Izushi Yaki exhibition" - February 1,

Until temporary exhibition "Traditional Craft - Iwate foot of a mountain, many it burgeons ... of Morioka" - February 8,

As we perform until center stage "ten which is Iwayado Tansu and Iwayado living" - February 8,

Come to Aoyama square by all means.