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2017/3/7 Tuesday product information

Aoyama square of March

Cold finally fades, too,

We came to feel coming of spring.


Redecoration of central stage terminates in Aoyama square,

It is changed to display toward May.



It is the very luxurious members now just to appear,

We may enjoy enough even if we come with child.


We introduce some curious industrial art objects.


Pretty doll of resize of the hand

Several kinds of luxurious helmets exit

We are pretty even if we display with small Edo Kimekomi Ningyo

Person who is in same not only helmet but also armor has a feeling that coolness increases

As for helmet or the doll for the Boy's Festival,

As we will increase from now on as soon as new thing arrives,

Please be looking forward to.


In permanent exhibition of Aoyama square,

Thing which we replaced from March,

There is this time at two kinds.


Nothing Yamanaka Shikki (Master of Traditional Crafts society).


There is length of around 50 centimeters

Broach has various designs, too

Feeling that does not come when we see altogether

As we replace Yamanaka Shikki every month,

If we find curious thing,

We must decide what you would do during the month,

As there is not, please be careful.



We replaced industrial art object of NEW DENSAN.


Glass of Edo Kiriko

This is toothpick case of Sekishu Washi. As for the Sekishu Washi, product equals besides.

NEW DENSAN for collaboration work of industrial arts person and designer,

After all some atmosphere is different from normal industrial art object.


There is fan to like this refined atmosphere.

Person who has not looked at industrial art object of NEW DENSAN yet,

Please see by all means.


And March is permanent exhibition more,

We do such an event thing.


It is "cute cat" "exhibition" by Kutani Yaki Master of Traditional Crafts society.


In shop of Aoyama square,

Cats of Kutani Yaki gather!


We do not collect to cat lover.


Ornament of cat


Painting of cat is described


Cute cat exhibition is carried out in permanent exhibition until April 30.


Aoyama square that cat rate rises more than usual.

In the one where one that is cat lover is not so,

We look forward to!