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2017/3/10 Friday exhibition information

Young successors of Ishikawa and talk show of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen

Artisan corner "Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen Sada Ogura right *shinkoten" began with temporary exhibition "young successors of Ishikawa" from today.


And, in Aoyama square, talk show by artisan was performed.


At first we intended to hold temporary exhibition and gathered young people,

It is Taya of Wajima Nuri.


One that Taya loves Traditional Craft of Ishikawa.


When we wanted to emphasize good point of Ishikawa more,

Even if one production center was not so big each,

We think that it may become something big if we gather,

We seemed to draw up this plan.



We enter company of Wajima Nuri,

We are getting post of sales people now.


For creator,

We are doing groundwork coating,

When there be all of all 124 Wajima Nuri processes sometime soon, we seem to continue making an effort day and night.


Taya having had talk show bring this time

Rice porridge bowl.


We can put cereal,

It is slightly large bowl.


It has a slightly strange shape,

Because, as for this, the current eating habits become semi-Western style,

Thing that settlement is good even if we put anything,

We talked with all the sales department and seemed to design.


Because this product can make custom tailoring,

Color in red, black, orange, ryushoku,

Even several colors become able to support.


Wajima Nuri is not high-quality article from old days; as daily necessities,

Industrial art object which has been used habitually widely.


From now on,

You said that you wanted to widen width of Wajima Nuri as daily necessities.


We had Hasatani of Kutani Yaki talk next.


It is red glazing charge account that Hasatani is good.


When we went to school of Kutani Yaki,

We meet Fukushima Takeyama,

It is beginning maridatoosshatteimashita to have been attracted to red glazing charge account.


Design of red glazing charge account of Hasatani has many trees and plants flowers,

Very delicate.


Being careful when we describe

Balance of cloth of white background and red glazing.


If there is white space a lot of taker, too,

As there is person liking red,

We seem to sometimes write small design closely.


Design which will let traditional design and modern design fuse in future,

You said that you wanted to give.


It is artisan, Kitade of another Kutani Yaki successively.


Kitade is blood relationship of pottery of Kutani Yaki having been continued since 1868.

You said that it was the seventh generation in Kitade.


We like drawing animals such as chicken,

As for the work which had Aoyama square bring this time,

We describe with some sparrows as design which we deformed.


We lose father early,

When we became high school student, choice is pressed grandfather for,

We entered this world.


The grandfather seems to be dying now, too,

Compounding of color,

We learn well and seem to inherit tradition at the present.


In future classic picture like the three monkeys and the god of the wind god of thunder,

You said that you arranged in contemporary style and wanted to describe.


It is Matsuo of Masayuki Noto Washi Paper to have had you talk next.

Masayuki Noto Washi Paper,

It is Washi Paper made in town called a certain jinko in Wajima-shi.


It is said that we have begun to be made from about 1949.

Originally we were made as wrapping paper to wrap tableware of Wajima Nuri,

It develops from there and is making thing except wrapping paper now.


We put real flower between Washi Paper

There is thing slightly different from other Washi Paper,

There is thing said to be cryptomeria bark and collection of fields paper.




Originally we were engaged in Washi Paper at another place,

After coming back to Ishikawa with the parents' house,

After all when we thought when we wanted Washi Paper job,

It seemed to be with this Masayuki Noto Washi Paper.


You said that you wanted to do your best as creator of Masayuki Noto Washi Paper in future.


Finally we had Ogura of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen talk.


Ogura is one exhibited every year at artisan corner of March of Aoyama square.


This time,

We had you bring work which you did collaboration with braid writer and made.


Associate with the word to "be madder-colored" of Manyoshu tanka collection,

It is design of photograph to have made with real madder as motif.


Leaf of madder is doing form of heart,

We make white flower bloom in the middle.


From classic Japanese culture,

One of the works which we arranged in contemporary style.

We seemed to actually make braid of madder red of slightly dark color from this design, hue.


Ogura being good

Design such as arabesque design and European fresco.


For example, it is image like paisley and William Morris.


The feature is that we are with colour of the ground in bright color and strange color,

With father with many classic designs,

In addition, we continue making work of different lines.


You said in future when you wanted to make thing called visiting dress and special dish thing.


We had you talk this time,

Temporary exhibition "successors and artisan corner "Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen Sada Ogura right, *shinkoten" where Ishikawa is younger" each,

Artisan corner is performed temporary exhibition until 15th until 22nd.


As there are demonstration and production experience, too,

Come to Aoyama square by all means at this opportunity.