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2017/3/24 Friday exhibition information

Kumamoto earthquake revival special plan "do the best! no talk show which bear does not dissolve in

By temporary exhibition Kumamoto earthquake revival special plan "do the best! Bear does not melt, too!" But, we begin on today,

Talk show was performed in Aoyama square.


At first we had Ikeda of curator of Kumamoto Traditional Craft building talk.


Ikeda of curator

There is Kumamoto Traditional Craft building in front of Kumamoto-jo Castle.


Originally as it was place where the U.S. storehouse of Kumamoto-jo Castle stood,

It may be said that the ground is not good,

When Kumamoto earthquake was generated, some industrial art objects such as Ceramics have been broken.


But repair work is finally over, too,

We seemed to come back as usual now.


Four kinds of Officially designated Traditional craft products of country designation is in Kumamoto now.

・Yamaga Toro

・Higo Zogan

・Shodai Yaki

・Amakusa Tojiki


Craftsman of Yamaga Toro and Higo Zogan can actually come here this time in that during exhibition period.


In addition, there is industrial art object of prefecture designation in Kumamoto, too.

For example, what we bring for this temporary exhibition

Folk toy and dyed goods, bamboo work.


There are more numbers than thing of country designation,

There may be usually thing not to see very much.


Then, we had craftsman, Nakajima of Yamaga Toro talk.


Nakajima of Yamaga Toro

The history of Yamaga Toro is said to be very old.


When, in the old days, the Emperor Keiko came to place of Yamaga to go round,

People of Yamaga seemed to meet by light of torch.


We made Omiya Shrine (enshrined now in Yamaga-shi) in the place afterwards,

We made garden lantern with Washi Paper in substitution for torch.

It is beginning of Yamaga Toro.


This is found to continue from the Muromachi era.


There is opinion which we put candle in in Yamaga Toro,

Thing stored in clean state cried,

We do not seem to be able to prove.


In old days, we use rice for paste,

It is easy to keep bad company,

It is said that Washi Paper has been eaten by insect.



Put penlight in the Yamaga Toro,

We turn on light,

At time of every year tray,

Yamaga Toro Festival is held and becomes famous so that it is taken up in each media.


And we challenge new form in Yamaga Toro.


Stands mobile "TORO" which came out of Washi Paper industrial arts

There are four kinds for form in total,

There is variation of color, too.


Because we made in partnership with designer,

We just announced this month.


While Yamaga Toro makes conventional traditional work,

You said that you did challenge to new thing such as "TORO".


Two people who had you talk this time,

Temporary exhibition Kumamoto earthquake revival special plan "do the best! Bear does not melt, too!" It is one exhibiting in this.


We demonstrate production of Yamaga Toro until from Friday, March 24 to Sunday, March 26,

As production experience of Higo Zogan is in from Saturday, April 1 to Wednesday, April 5,

Come to Aoyama square by all means.