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2017/4/21 Friday product information

Aoyama square of April

It is the latter half in April and is GW soon.


In demonstration that there is much GW in Aoyama square and experiencing

Please come to play.


On the other day, Niigata Shikki can come to Aoyama square,

Product of permanent exhibition changed.


Part of pattern and lower part are Niigata Shikki

Dish with impact

There are colorful chopsticks

There are many things having color well,

It is not dark and is not showy,

We look refined and high-quality.


In addition,


Container which we seem to see having salad neatly

Wineglass of pair which looks good in present



In addition, as there is product,

Please see near.


In addition, Kyo Yaki - Kiyomizu Yaki was replaced in April, too.


Container of unique design

Pretty flower is drawn thoroughly

Container which large pine was drawn. We seem to shine even if we serve ingredients


Officially designated Traditional craft products has states,

Individuality is strongly over Kyo Yaki - Kiyomizu Yaki by creator.


Though it is the same production center,

It is attractive one to be different in impression to receive.


There is that painting is described finely

This expresses with one color

There is thing only for white and blue, too

It is light color, but there is not simple image and feels design to be strong

In permanent exhibition,

Product of Kyo Yaki - Kiyomizu Yaki was replaced with Niigata Shikki,

Product which is new in online shop,

Tie of Nishijin Ori, sake bottle of Tamba Tachikui Yaki, tea set of Arida, Imari ceramic ware were had newly.


Besides, as there is already thing becoming sold out,

If we find product which we liked,

You should not be at a loss.


We can see online shop from this.


As we have new products after May,

Please be looking forward to.


Artisan corner and temporary exhibition that are carried out in Aoyama square now

・Until Honba Oshima Tsumugi work presentation May 3

・Until imatamatsurigoto*bizen*koku*monten April 26


Furthermore, from 28th,

Skill - Murakami Kibori Tsuishu exhibition of ... Echigo Murakami tradition begins, too,

Talk show by creator is performed from 14:00 on 28th.


As we have you have a talk to listen to only here,

Please drop in at Aoyama square.


We can confirm artisan corner, future schedule of temporary exhibition from this.