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2017/5/18 Thursday product information

Unique Tsuboya Yaki which continues being powerful


There is Ceramics which is continued making from old days for approximately 300 years in Okinawa.


It is Tsuboya Yaki which is appointed in Officially designated Traditional craft products now.

Although we are made from the 15th century, it enters in the 17th century that production center was formed, and it is said that it is after.


When Tsuboya Yaki classifies roughly,

We are separated by upper roast and wild roast,

A lot of upper roast is made now.


Upper roast builds glaze and we bake and make with kiln of temperature of around 1,200 degrees Celsius,

That bake wild roast by kiln of temperature of around 1,000 degrees Celsius without hanging glaze; is different.


As for what is put to Aoyama square

It is thing of upper roast.


Picture of unique view of the world

Small dish which picture of fish was drawn on

Okinawa is blessed with high quality soil,

We gather soil from large number of land.


Strength of Tsuboya Yaki,

We may come from good quality of such soil.


Container of fish type

Aoyama square has many things of arabesque design, too

Glaze used for Tsuboya Yaki is characteristic.


What is used well

It is white refuse, black refuse, celadon porcelain, candy refuse, asbolite,

White glaze is made with the manufacturing method peculiar to Tsuboya Yaki in this,

We do not seem to be almost used in other places.


Atmosphere that teapot is slightly unique

Plate which crossed oldness and newness

Incense game of pair of stone guardian dogs

We can buy Tsuboya Yaki in online shop.


In online shop, orchid naps are different,


Red glazing reveal bottle 25,277 yen (tax-excluded)

Middle tension lion 10,370 yen (tax-excluded)

Arabesque makai (winding) 1,481 yen (tax-excluded)

We put nadonado, states.

               List of online shop ⇒ Tsuboya Yaki


In addition, in the central stage of Aoyama square,

We came to look really cool.


In the lower left in photograph,

Tsuboya Yaki is put, too.



It was season that became hotter from now on.


In Tsuboya Yaki made in land where had high temperature,

Do you not enjoy coming season?