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2017/5/19 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of wazamon a large number of people and Mashiko Yaki

Temporary exhibition "Nagoya Traditional Craft wazamon a large number of people Festival" and takumi corner "ekiko*dentokogeishidaitsukaga*ten" began on today in Aoyama square.


And we tell about the state as annual talk show was performed from 14:00!


At first we had wazamon a large number of people, representative, Akatsuka of Nagoya Yuzen talk.


Junichi Akatsuka of Nagoya Yuzen

In wazamon a large number of people where Akatsuka acted as representative, a little less than four years passed since organization.

It is only Traditional Craft around Nagoya-shi to participate.


Than, in wazamon a large number of people, craftsman is active alone,

The cause of thought that tradition industrial art object might spread out more because craftsmen different in thing to make were active together began.


As well as Aoyama square, we exhibit in special event and department store and do event in Nagoya-jo Castle.

As we have wide people know tradition industrial art object as Nagoya-jo Castle is place where a large number of people pass both local person and tourist and do production experience, it seems to be pleased with visitor.


Of course Akatsuka oneself makes kimono with creator of Nagoya Yuzen, but it may be said that we like that we do for hand dyeing with paper pattern and does thing which we dyed in various form.


As for the thing which we do not dye by hand, difference seems to understand that we dyed by hand as soon as we display.


We had Fushidani of Nagoya lantern talk next.


Fushidani Kenichi of Nagoya lantern

Nagoya lantern continues being made with designated industrial art object of Nagoya-shi from the Muromachi era.


In addition, lantern came to be made in large quantities when it was the Edo era.

For example, it may be said that we brought by all means when samurai walks road at night, and it may be said that it was necessity.


When modern pigeon says, lantern becomes so that we are used at the time of festival.

Still you said as various designs were made on lantern if it was interesting to see the difference.


We seemed to make collaboration product with member of wazamon a large number of people recently.

It is lantern of stands type. Because we took in not only Washi Paper but also silk and were made,

Thing which we made with four people of Akatsuka of Nagoya Yuzen, Yamada of Seto member of a group, Goto of Nagoya Butsudan and Fushidani of Nagoya Yuzen was stylish lantern which there was in the present times.


It is Yamada of Seto member of a group to have had you talk next.


Noriyuki Yamada of Seto member of a group


When what we regarded as important was least for admiration, and Yamada wanted to make actually usable one in making Seto member of a group, you said.


Seto member of a group whom Yamada makes has a variation in color, but we do not dye it and seem to be original color of tree. We use tree of hiba and we use cherry tree and express difference in color.


In addition, you said after you decided motif earlier when you intended to make what kind of thing when you blew up imagination.


It is characteristic that there are many peculiar products.


We heard story from creator, Otsuka of Mashiko Yaki of takumi corner successively.


Tadashi Otsuka Shuku of Mashiko Yaki

After Otsuka became creator; 20 years.


Meanwhile, desire to want to make desire and traditional thing to want to make thing that what thought matches modern dining table.


It is necessary to make new thing, but it is individuality of Otsuka that think that with that alone we cannot protect tradition.


Speaking of characteristic of Mashiko Yaki "persimmon glaze." And it seems to be chubby form.

When do not use persimmon glaze, where may tell to be Mashiko Yaki from; said not to be able to draw the line when prevented you from breaking only there.


We only repeat various invention when form makes slim thing as well as thing of chubby feeling in contemporary style and lets asbolite using for painting of the groundwork rise.


Under the influence of wazamon a large number of people, we seemed to come to intend to challenge other collaboration with production center recently.


It is collaboration product definitely to perform in production experience this time.

You devised thing which put Yuki Tsumugi and Mashiko Yaki together and said when you intended to spread.


We had you talk this time,

Temporary exhibition "Nagoya Traditional Craft wazamon a large number of people Festival" until May 31.

takumi corner "ekiko*dentokogeishidaitsukaga*ten" until May 24.


As there are experience and demonstration each, come to Aoyama square by all means.