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2017/6/20 Tuesday product information

Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku which spread out by side job of samurai

When daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo was carried out in the early period of Edo era, it is Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku to have caught eye of local daimyos.

Basket and colander were made from that time.



Samurais living in Suruga district come to make Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku as side job and we give precision of thing which originally there was and make, and "there are Fuchu of Suruga, noted product of bamboo basket in this time. The work is good. Person of Kanto became said to be * where shogan made Suruga basket.


Popular hand basket

We make use of skills and techniques of Officially designated Traditional craft products, and thing of a great variety of shapes is made now.

It is insect to pull eyes in that.


Cricket. We are made all with bamboo

Insect cage is still popular


We challenge new form, the making of product and attract attention.


In addition, Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku uses Nigatake and a kind of thick-stemmed bamboo mainly,

Bend thin strip of bamboo sharpened in a circle thin flexibly,

The feature is that various forms are produced by technique incorporating in ring.


States have form, too

Type of this color is popular, too

There is not only basket but also lamp-shaped thing

Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku is one of the industrial art objects which do not stop making new thing, thing challenging, but process of Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku is hardly alone, and there may be it in place performing.


Other industrial art objects often become division of labor system, and it may be said that it is difficult to match quite good opinion.


In Aoyama square, various types of Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku is put, but prepare in online shop.


Slim vase

Wind-bell which is good at coming time

In addition, there is kind and can see from this in detail. ⇒To page of Suruga fine stripe work


In addition, although detailed content is not decided

Artisan of Suruga fine stripe work is to come to Aoyama square by "traditional industrial art object exhibition of traditional skill static Oka prefecture reaching" "fujinokuni" from September, too.


Suruga fine stripe work which is just looking, and cools down.

One worried about discusses the rights and wrongs,

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