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2017/7/21 Friday exhibition information

We love sum living! Gather; talk show of woman artisan people Part 1

In Aoyama square from last week 14th Loan Object Exhibition "live, and love harmony! Gathered, and woman artisan people Part 1 began.


As talk show by annual artisans was performed from 14:00, we introduce.


At first we had you talk from Kondo of Hakata Ori.


Keiko Kondo of Hakata Ori

We graduate from handwoven training school,

We are spending days as artisan of Hakata Ori independently now.


Characteristic of such a Hakata Ori,

It is to make handwoven obi and weaver who is yarn-dyed and does not show weft.


Because Hakata Ori is doing high how to weave density very much,

We might say physical strength work, and there seemed to be only creator of man in old days.


But creator of woman increases now, too,

We support the industry of Hakata Ori.


Then, we had Tsuchiya of Koshu Suisho Kiseki Zaiku talk.


Noriko Tsuchiya of Koshu Suisho Kiseki Zaiku

Originally Tsuchiya who did different work,

Because family into which she married was family of craftsman of Koshu Suisho Kiseki Zaiku,

We entered this world after the marriage.


Man seems to often make big work,

What Tsuchiya is good at

It is accessory.


While talking with crystal and stone,

We decide way of cut,

We continue making accessories which are popular among women.


What had you talk next

Kuwabara of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen.


Makiko Kuwabara of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen

Kuwabara seemed to like wearing kimono from old days.


And father has done teacher of picture classroom and spends childhood when it was immediate to describe painting,

We met Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen.


The world of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen which it was put together with to describe kimono and painting,

In the world that is splendid for Kuwabara,

We seemed to jump into this world immediately.


, which expresses non-daily life in daily life

We continue describing such a painting.


What had you talk next

It is Kinoshita of Osaka Ranma.


Tomomi Kinoshita of Osaka Ranma

In Japanese house before age,

Houses with ranma were often found.


But if pigeon says now,

Houses without lintel to fit ranma in are often found.


Still Kinoshita who wants to leave technique of Osaka Ranma in history,

We express in various forms including wall hangings and dish.


If we think that it is device of wonderful tree,

Because, in fact, ranma craftsman made it,

What kind of thing will ranma be?

Trial and error to have buyer think of this,

You said that you continued day and night.


What had you talk successively

It is Machida of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen.


Kumiko Machida of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen

In the days of junior high student,

Machida who liked picture meets Kaga Yuzen,

We seemed to be impressed with kimono which wore picture.


We know that there is freehand drawing yuzen in Tokyo that is hometown afterwards,

We decided to become creator.


The making of obi is the center now,

We make freehand drawing yuzen on linen kimono and,

You said that multi-rashiikotonimo wanted to continue challenging.


What had you talk successively

Itadono of Ichii Itto Bori.


Megumi Itadono of Ichii Itto Bori

Ichii Itto Bori,

We are made with tree of 300 years called the first place years old,

It is Officially designated Traditional craft products.


To thing made with Ichii Itto Bori,

We are not doing coloring.


Even if there seem to be two colors of colors,

There are point of color that tree from the cause is thin and point of dark color,

We make sure of it from state of raw wood and seem to carve.


What had you talk successively

It is Takahashi of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori.


髙kyochibi of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori

We find offer of successor upbringing business of city,

Takahashi who entered this world.


We are finishing dyeing yukata or stall now.


As for the Arimatsu Narumi Shibori, diaphragm is characteristic, too,

Fingering is characteristic, too.


To be different from how to use such as everyday needlework,

Takahashi seemed to take 1 month before we learned.


You said that you wanted to do yukata for the next year and silk tie-dyeing in future.


What had you talk successively

It is Nakata of Kagawa Shikki.


Kanako Nakata of Kagawa Shikki

After Nakata got married,

It became creator of Kagawa Shikki which was business of husband.


As originally we liked describing painting,

We like work using writing brush,

Furthermore, because we liked lacquer, too,

You said that you liked using technique of *sei (zonsei).


In addition, we seem to like person making small thing.


What had you talk successively

It is Takahashi of Kyo Kanoko Shibori.


Yoko Takahashi of Kyo Kanoko Shibori

Mother of Takahashi,

In creator which is famous for Kyo Kanoko Shibori,

Because I hated what was compared,

We did not seem to intend to enter this industry.


But after getting married,

Immediate person comes to go to classroom of mother,

We begin to learn by the flow together,

When notice; of creator became alone.


For work that Kyo Kanoko Shibori is very small,

It seems to take 40 minutes to finish a ray.


Still now,

When even one wants to make convincible work even a little,

You said.


What had you talk next

It is Kosugi of Murakami Kibori Tsuishu.


Kiyoko Kosugi of Murakami Kibori Tsuishu

Because lacquer was produced well in old days in place of Murakami,

Murakami Kibori Tsuishu was born,

It is becoming difficult to use Japanese lacquer now.


As for Kosugi, marriage is original,

We were doing salesclerk of husband who was Master of Traditional Crafts of Murakami Kibori Tsuishu.


But while we stand in store,

We begin to make myself,

We seemed to come to be active as creator all too soon.


What had you talk successively

It is Kawada of Kutani Yaki.


Satomi Kawada of Kutani Yaki

At the parents' house of Kawada,

Both parents were creator of Kutani Yaki together.


But we did not mean to make Kutani Yaki at the start and spent time,

When we visited other grounds,

On seeing work of parents being sold

We think that after all Kutani Yaki may be great,

It seemed to become creator.


It is flower filling to be good at,

We describe Western-style painting including Barberton daisy and rose in motif,

Using original color,

It runs through original line.


What had you talk successively

It is Fujimoto of Mikawachi Yaki.


Eriko Fujimoto of Mikawachi Yaki

Speaking of Mikawachi Yaki,

The feature is that it is blue on cloth of white background.


What is taken in in work of Fujimoto in that

Crystal glaze.

This is glaze made with French sable coat,

We felt that Mikawachi Yaki and affinity were good and came to use.


After having formed, hang crystal glaze as glaze,

When we put in the kiln,

It is fellow that design such as crystal appears.


In addition, increase color such as pink and gold,

We show original view of the world.


What had you talk successively

It is Hasatani of Kutani Yaki.


Yoko Hasatani of Kutani Yaki

Hasatani is creator which is good at red glazing thin drawing.

We create 4.5 dots to 1mm,

We design the whole.


It seems to be pleasant that white dough is dyed red.


But because the beauty of blank is beautiful, too,

Do you finish dyeing in red?

Do you increase blanks?

You said that you continued making both types.


Finally what had you talk

It is Iiyama of Shigaraki Yaki.


Sonoko Iiyama of Shigaraki Yaki

Shigaraki Yaki,

It is Officially designated Traditional craft products to express without using glaze.


It may be said that kiln which Iiyama has is small,

We cook kiln once a month.

(in big pottery, there is place to cook kiln only once a year)


When we make work of Shigaraki Yaki,

We seem to leave taste making by hand.


"Sum living loves Loan Object Exhibition! Gathered, and half ended woman artisan people Part 1.


As, until 26th, there are demonstration and production experience,

Come to Aoyama square by all means.


In addition, Part 2 begins on 28th,

In addition, creator changes, too.


Furthermore, from 14:00 on 28th,

As there is talk show in members of Part 2, too,

We look forward to in Aoyama square.