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2017/8/21 Monday exhibition information

[Loan Object Exhibition] Talk show of the craftsman exhibition and Higo Zogan

"Now began after section Kumamoto Higo Zogan exhibition earthquake disaster" artisan with "world ... of production center selection fourth DENSAN the craftsman exhibition ... men who shined" from August 18 [Loan Object Exhibition].


As talk show was performed from 14:00 for the first day, we introduce some states.

※Talk show lasted to a little over two hours.


Firstly it is Arai of Chichibu Meisen to have had you talk.


Takahiro Arai of Chichibu Meisen


Characteristic of Chichibu Meisen,

We take technique to dye only the warp earlier and are to finish to dough without the right side and the wrong side.


We decide design with the warp and dye,

Expression changes variously whether you use thread of what color for weft what kind of material you use.


It was consciousness to make kimono of woman in old days,

We seem to be making with consciousness with thing which can be contained casually now before life.


What had you talk next

It is Takeda of Nagoya Kuromontsuki Zome.


Kazuya Takeda of Nagoya Kuromontsuki Zome

Nagoya Kuromontsuki Zome says the best formal dress that crest is drawn on black plain fabric.


We dye dough into black earlier,

At that time, it prevents black from soaking into place where crest enters,

We seem to create crest on part which we did not dye.


There is almost none of the people wearing recently,

In other forms utilized technique of Nagoya Kuromontsuki Zome,

We make kimono and bits and bobs.


We used way of drawing a picture on the water technique,

You said that stall was popular recently.


What had you talk next

It is Umemura of Akazu Yaki.


Tomohiro Umemura of Akazu Yaki

Akazu Yaki is grilled dish in Akatsu district of Seto-shi,

Because we go in small place for land,

There seem to be few potteries, too.


As Umemura likes describing painting,

Ceramic ware has many things which small picture is put for.


Place of Akazu Yaki hard to please,

Green of officer of textiles.


When temperature of kiln is too high, it is in yellow green,

You said that luster did not appear when temperature was too low.


What had you talk successively

It is Mori of Otani Yaki.


History of forest curse of Otani Yaki

Characteristic of Otani Yaki,

It is to make big thing including jar and bottle using local soil and materials.


There are only only seven potteries now,

It has only two houses of those to make big game.

One house of those seems to be house of Mori.


Mori makes miscellaneous goods for day,

You said that you wanted to make thing which matched dining table.


What had you talk next

It is Harigai of Yamanaka Shikki.


Takayuki Harigai of Yamanaka Shikki

Yamanaka Shikki is division of labor system,

We are divided in many divergences including master of bare wood potter's wheel and master of lacquer work.

Jujube tree place takes nation-wide 90% in that,

We seem to send bare wood made in mountains to other production centers.


Harigai is master of lacquer work,

We engage in the making of accessories for these past several years.

We launched brand in families.


The beginning made big broachs mainly,

In people having rather high age group of bought one,

When we come for buying in parent and child,

Even if mother purchased, daughter seemed to see a lot of scenes which she did not purchase.


Therefore launch small-sized accessories brand for young person,

We continue up to the present day.

We make not only woman but also brand of accessories for man now.


What had you talk next

It is Inoue of Edo Sashimono.


Kenji Inoue of Edo Sashimono

It being difficult to make with Edo Sashimono

It seemed to be thing with drawer,

We seemed to change for objection in expertise when we engaged for 28 years.


Tree which we use in Edo Sashimono,

For living tree,

When we expand and contract by environment put and expand,

We make various moves.


Therefore when Inoue purchases,

To maintain,

We visit house of one that he/she purchased and seem to repair.


If sell; not the end,

When there is beginning of acquaintance with the family if he/she purchases,

You said.


What had you talk next

It is Tanaka of Banshu Miki Uchihamono.


Seiki Tanaka of Banshu Miki Uchihamono

After Tanaka studied in Echizen,

We came back to the parents' house and came to make Banshu Miki Uchihamono.


The parents' house made sickle of mowing,

What put together in the times, and have begun to make not only sickle but also kitchen knife

It is charges of Tanaka and is after.


Although knife makes good thing as blacksmith's

We think about what to do to give difference with others,

We pay attention to part of pattern,

We show various ideas and continue making new product.


What had you talk next

Similarly it is Morita of Banshu Miki Uchihamono.


Naoki Morita of Banshu Miki Uchihamono

As for Morita, the parents' house did not make Banshu Miki Uchihamono,

Originally we seemed to carve metal.


After the graduation from university visiting Nambu Tekki and Tsubamesanjo, various places including Iwayado,

We met Chiyozuru in Tokyo and were apprenticed.


It is state left all processes to now,

If we advance as the present,

You said that it became full mastership.


What had you talk next

It is Otake of Kanazawa Butsudan.


Otake Akira Geshi of Kanazawa Butsudan

One divided into seven of woodworker, master of palace, painter, master of lacquer work, master of bare wood engraver, foil engraver, metal fittings features Kanazawa Butsudan in division of labor system.

Otake engages as master of lacquer work in that.


Because we graduated from lacquered industrial arts department and became independent at 24 years old,

The beginning did not seem to be readily tied to work.


, which is received now if Buddhism-like thing is natural

You said that you wanted to make thing.


What had you talk next

It is Takayama of Banshu Soroban.


Tatsunori Takayama of Banshu Soroban

Takayama makes traditional abacus,

We make new thing.


As it is abacus, we cannot change number,

Material substitutes birch and thing which was two of Tsuge with different thing and,

From idea that color is changed to freely,

We make colorful, pretty thing and win popularity.


Mere these days,

Abacus itself is reviewed,

We are used to strengthen the right brain of child and,

When we are used for prevention of senility of the elderly,

You said that demand was prolonged.


What had you talk next

It is Kakinuma of Edo Kimekomi Ningyo.


Toshimitsu Kakinuma of Edo Kimekomi Ningyo

The history of Edo Kimekomi Ningyo,

It is said that it is origin that was made in Kamigamo Shrine of Kyoto.


We often made festival dolls in old days,

House to display festival doll decreases now,

Demand seemed to decrease.


We are in the middle of developing collaboration work with 13 designers now,

When stage that we could announce began, you said that you wanted to show.


What had you talk next

It is Yamamoto of Koshu Inden.


Yusuke Yamamoto of Koshu Inden

Koshu Inden puts Ise paper pattern in skin of deer,

We put lacquer on the top and make.


Old days as for the deer,

Because we were authorized by endangered species,

We were not able to obtain skin of deer in Japan.


Because a lot of deer are making survival (there is too rather many) now,

You may use skin of Japanese deer,

Because time authorized by endangered species was long,

Craftsman skinning disappears,

After all you said that you were importing skin of deer now.


What had you talk next

It is Mochizuki of Koshu Tebori Insho.


Kazuhiro Mochizuki of Koshu Tebori Insho

Materials of Koshu Tebori Insho are ivory and Tsuge.


We can use ivory for a long time,

It seems to be easy to process Tsuge.


Imprint has the quality of stamp.


In small space, how do you put letter?

In addition, when we pushed stamp,

We are particular to give an impression on partner what kind of form is good,

One which is the most important in process of Koshu Tebori Insho, and is difficult

You told when you drafted by writing brush to seal.


Finally we were able to come at artisan corner,

We had Aso of Higo Zogan talk.


Tsubasa Aso of Higo Zogan

Higo Zogan pure gold and pure silver to iron,

We say thing to fit, and to make.


Aso learned metal engraving in the United States and was active as creator in foreign country.

We come back to Kumamoto who is hometown afterwards,

When we are looking whether we cannot do something, we find upbringing program of Higo Zogan,

We seemed to enter this industry.


Aso is strong in feeling to want to make new thing,

We are doing various challenges.


But applied range is small as ground is iron,

You said that you were considering what kind of thing you made.


[Loan Object Exhibition] With "world ~ of production center selection fourth DENSAN the craftsman exhibition ... shining men,"

Artisan "now after section Kumamoto Higo Zogan exhibition earthquake disaster,"

It is until August 23 together.


As there are several artisans to Aoyama square every day,

Come by all means.