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2017/9/14 Thursday product information

Shoin-zukuri was enacted to Aoyama square

In corner of artisan corner of Aoyama square,

There was Shoin-zukuri.



Because Shoin-zukuri became forerunner of tea-ceremony room,

It is known that we already met in the Heian era.


Because place that made tea and places to swallow up were only separate at that time,

It comes to be already after a little, and it is after to become current form.


And because Aoyama treating Officially designated Traditional craft products is square,

There are feelings up to the details.


Pin and shoji which we put are the first class goods

This Washi Paper put casually is told to be difficult you put neatly

Wall of sand is made very carefully, too


In addition, it may be said that it is in corner of artisan corner,

Products of artisan corner at that time form a line here.


In the case of last "world and mini-experience "~ of relationship charge account gold leaf" which ... five disciplines play",




It is such a feeling.


As, from tomorrow, "Bizen Yaki nature kiln sedge form basis way ceramic works exhibition" begins,

Bizen Yaki is put here, and atmosphere will change again.


In addition, Aoyama square is becoming viewing the moon mode now.


Rabbit is ... behind shoji

Feeling that the backside does not come

In the entrance of Aoyama square,

It becomes viewing the moon mode.


Exhibit space outside Aoyama square

Doll which thoroughly enjoys autumn in the neighborhood of entrance

There is lot industrial art objects which autumn is felt besides.


If we come to near Aoyama square,

Please drop in!