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2017/9/22 Friday exhibition information

[held :9/23, 9/24] We went to tourism EXPO Japan 2017

Tourism EXPO Japan 2017 begins in Tokyo BIC site from tomorrow.

Exhibition industrial art object and production demonstration, experience-based list



As we held for person concerned with industry today,

We introduce booth of Officially designated Traditional craft products promptly.


One which enters at entrance, and is immediate


Booth of Yuki Tsumugi

Three artisans perform demonstration.


Process not to be able to readily usually see

Feeling that does not come when we make up

Feeling that does not come when we change angle

We can see figure using grasshopper machine for in the depths.


We used grasshopper machine while sounding sound that feeling to say plainly was good for

We are already alone in the depths of two people, and there is person demonstrating different process

Again Yuki Tsumugi,

Not only demonstration but also experience is possible.


Have me dress in this way,

We take a ceremonial photograph under umbrella

Man and woman is popular together,

We wore everybody Yuki Tsumugi happily.


One opposite next


People with spirit are of booth here.


Together red T-shirt.

As Hasami Yaki puts blue color on plate of cloth of white background, T-shirt is outstanding

We gaze figure painting to platter unintentionally

What there is next


Three Officially designated Traditional craft products came from Koshu.


In addition, it is only today,

We can experience Koshu Semiprecious Stone Craftwork!


We polish up stone using such a machine.

We improved in sandblast in experience, but artisan studied hard with diamond

What there is next


As for kimono or the cloth of Omi Jofu,

Various things were displayed.


Cute handball is put in the same place

What there is next


We cannot readily see at temporary exhibition and artisan corner of Aoyama square,

It is Marugame Uchiwa.


Marugame Uchiwa is proud of amount of production of 90% of nation-wide round fan,

Best round fan production place in Japan.


From traditional round fan,

There are states to innovative thing.


We can see demonstration, too

Figure tearing one bamboo in is the best part

What there is next


While continuing running through original line,

We do not forget traditional technique either,

Others are slightly different Officially designated Traditional craft products.


We are made all of paper to show like metal

Of course as for the demonstration

When we cut and stick later,

Process is very warm.


And the last,


It is the only Washi Paper this time.


We displayed Washi Paper which we dyed

It is interesting even if we see one by one as expressions are different

Washi Paper can do production experience, too


Although some this places become small

Contents become very thick as before.


In addition, it is tourism EXPO Japan 2017,

As there is space where eating and drinking are possible if we think that we were tired, it is recommended.


We perform bowl championship,

We can buy with one coin.



Seafood chazuke was very delicious!

And when we return to booth after satisfying hunger,

Yamaga Toro dance came.


Although being disappointed this time,

Dance on main stage has come off by lot,

He/she seems to dance near booth on Saturday and Sunday.


And bear thing comes up there!


Among people, shooting party began in no time.

As it becomes booth of heavy Officially designated Traditional craft products this year,

One that has time by all means,

Please come to play to Tokyo BIC site!