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2017/10/20 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of temporary exhibition "traditional industrial art object of Morioka" and artisan corner "Honba Oshima Tsumugi"

Temporary exhibition "traditional industrial art object exhibition - Iwate foot of a mountain, chance of Morioka and autumn ... to break" and artisan corner "world exhibition of takumiyasukorejo of honjodaishimatsumugidentokogeishigi" begin from today,

Talk show was performed in Aoyama square from 14:00.


At first represent traditional industrial art object exhibition of Morioka,

We heard story from Sato of Morioka handicraft village.


It seems to be iron kettle of Nambu Tekki to want to recommend most this time.


By creator, there are various forms,

Iron kettle that particularly rare one expressed worm-eaten spot of Tayama,

We cannot readily see in others.


There is famous Officially designated Traditional craft products in Morioka one more.

It is Joboji Nuri made using domestic lacquer.


As for the lacquer, foreign lacquer is often found now,

For production center where only Jobouji coating can pick domestic lacquer tree,

We still use domestic thing.


In addition, it is famous story that lacquer produced in this district is used for building of national treasure.


Then, wanting you to pay attention

Carapace of a turtle texture, shikonsen, akanesen, Woven textiles and bits and bobs of nambukeisen.


Carapace of a turtle texture is made with hemp in this,

With thing which is very precious historically,

It seems to be difficult to see in others.


We brought traditional industrial art object of Morioka 20 items in total this time,

As anything is only splendid thing,

You saw by all means and said that you wanted hand actually to take.


What had you talk next

It is Yasunosuke Tabata of Honba Oshima Tsumugi.


Tabata who is lucky for this work from 1961,

We move to Kagoshima in 1964 and continue up to the present day.


Originally mother of Tabata works as weaver,

We seemed to jump into this world partly because we saw the figure.


The golden age of this industry is 1978.

The number of products was sales as only 1% in comparison with that time, too.


For the industry which has become 1%,

Tabata who thought that it came to do not always go as we want when creator decreased and just continued thing which was division of labor system,

We came to perform work that we had not done and were full of until now.


But only indigo dyeing and mud dyeing,

We seem to ask other one.


Indigo dyeing of Honba Oshima Tsumugi is very rare,

You said that you could not imitate in other people.


Alkalinity is strong, and indigo is because there is property damaging silk thread of Honba Oshima Tsumugi.

It was like trade secrets how you made.


As for current people, people in kimono decreased,

Tabata is not only woman,

You said that you wanted man to wear more kimonos.


Kimono is woman's thing. There is person who seems to say men's things, and distributes, and thinks,

Such; one not to be necessary

Thought of Tabata.


The person arranges woman's thing for oneself, too and actually dresses well.


What do you wear?

It may be important how you wear.


Again for characteristic of Tabata,

It is in the design.


Simply because we were engaged in Honba Oshima Tsumugi for many years,

We did not design thing of traditional design.


Open a certain flash and drawer in oneself,

We actually make thing of few design elsewhere.

For example, what Tabata wore this time contained cloth with splashed pattern of throwing knife.


It may be certain technique and fields sandakarakosono view of the world with rich imagination.

As person who cannot help loving Honba Oshima Tsumugi,

There seem to be many people touched by work which Tabata makes.


There are two people who had you talk this time,

With temporary exhibition "traditional industrial art object exhibition - Iwate foot of a mountain, chance of Morioka and autumn ~ to break"

Artisan corner "world exhibition of takumiyasukorejo of honjodaishimatsumugidentokogeishigi,"

It is performed in Aoyama square until October 25.


By temporary exhibition, artisan of Joboji Nuri can actually come on 21st and 22nd, and there is demonstration.

As Tabata who had you talk this time at artisan corner comes all the time during exhibition period,

Please come to play to hear story.