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2017/11/7 Tuesday news

The sexagenary cycle of the next year came to Aoyama square

For permanent exhibition of Aoyama square,

Sexagenary cycle "inu" of the next year has begun to be displayed.


Dogs this time much from Hakata Ningyo,

We meet person coming to shop.


Lovely Shih Tzu. One cage is already different as well as this child; pose.

Speaking of Japan, may there be many people called this ... dog, too?

This is existing dog, too. We have a very cute clear eyes of puppy.

We do not exist, but, speaking of inu, are turn of this child

In addition,

There are dogs of slightly strange type, too.


In being with Monju as for the dog in Bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect face

It is not the Seven Deities of Good Luck, but five dogs take each role

Dogs doing kendo. He/she seems to protect house

We introduced inu of Hakata Ningyo this time,

From now on for the end of the year,

inu have been sent in Aoyama square from many production centers.


Do you want to spend one year with what kind of inu next year?

Even as for Aoyama square,

Please find favorite inu.