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2017/11/10 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of Bizen Yaki and Mino Yaki

In Aoyama square,

"Bizen Yaki Master of Traditional Crafts society exhibition" and "Mino Yaki Master of Traditional Crafts Koichiro Sato ceramic works exhibition" begin on today,

Talk show was performed from 14:00.


At first we had you talk from Shibaoka of Bizen Yaki.


This Bizen Yaki Shibaoka way 50 years

Bizen Yaki,

The feature is that we express by how to grill without using glaze.


Soil from Momoyama era all the time,

We continue using soil of rice field and pond in the land,

When quantity of soil gradually decreases, too,

You said.


Master of Traditional Crafts is 25 people now,

By this temporary exhibition, 13 people of the inside exhibit.


In Bizen Yaki,

When young people increase, we come,

In one of the conditions to become Master of Traditional Crafts,

Because there is limitation that you must engage in for 25 years,

In the first place there is not young Master of Traditional Crafts.


Still now,

Future Master of Traditional Crafts working together in competition,

Because we are brought up quickly and healthily,

For production center of Bizen Yaki,

There does not seem to be trouble to be short of successors.


Story changes and,

In house of Shibaoka once in year,

We bake in ascending kiln,

When we bake kiln of Bizen Yaki once,

It comes to keep on baking for approximately 10-13 days,

Temperature in kiln must keep around 1,200 degrees.


To become considerably large-scale roast,

Once in two or three months,

We seem to bake accessories such as tableware by corner kiln.


In addition, grilled dish which we baked in electric kiln and ascending kiln,

We say that we understand just to have seen.


To thing that we burnt it in ascending kiln,

This is because there is much ash.


As there is not ash by electric kiln,

You said that it became color that was more shallow than ascending kiln.


We heard story from Yoneta next.


This Bizen Yaki Yoneta way 41, two years

Yoneta 40 several years ago

We dropped out of a company and entered this industry.


Since the days of child, we like manufacturing,

Because there was desire to want to make thing left in form,

We seemed to enter this world.


Those days when we dropped out of a company,

We meet person of creator of Yoneta sanhatoaru Bizen Yaki.


We said that the person did not take pupil,

Yoneta is impressed deeply with work of the person,

Anything goes and,

We came to have you finally accept as pupil only for one year.


And we acquire basic know-how properly in one year,

It is rare in the Bizen Yaki industry,

We stood on our own feet for study of only one year.


Characteristic of work of Yoneta,

It is technique to be said to be fine-dots-perforation.


Fine-dots-perforation understands that it was about time when it is in the middle of the Edo era,

We work,

It takes time of 5 or 6 times than usual,

Partly because it is said that evaluation as Bizen Yaki was so less high,

It has gradually become outdated.


But Yoneta,

We are impressed deeply with form to have of fine-dots-perforation technique,

Now Yoneta in the first on the list several people,

We seem to make work using this fine-dots-perforation technique.


We heard story from Hata successively on day.


This Bizen Yaki day Hata way 44, five years

Characteristic of work of day Hata,

It is gold Aya.


It is taken in Laquer Ware well,

There is not readily person giving gold Aya in Bizen Yaki.


In baking in space sealed up,

We can express gold Aya.


Thin gold Aya, rich gold Aya, reddish gold Aya ...

In this day Hata,

When we want to become able to send a lot of reddish gold Aya,

You said.


This temporary exhibition reaches until 22nd,

We prepare for experience without form.


Form omission of Bizen,

In fact, we began in the Edo era.


In the case of this experience,

We seem to be able to actually show die cutting that we used in the Edo era.


And finally, what had you talk

It is Sato of takumi corner.


This Mino Yaki Sato way 40 years

Sato is place called Kani-shi, Gifu,

We were born.


Kani-shi is said to be Kinose door and the birthplace of officer of textiles.


Sato who was brought up in house of Mino Yaki which continued from generation to generation,

The eldest son of four brothers.


We are skillful with our hands from old days,

As we liked making thing,

We seemed to choose nature and this way.


Mino Yaki came to be mass-produced for approximately 1,300 years,

We did not use glaze in those days.

Such a Mino Yaki having become famous

Shino is done and seems to be after.


It is in the times of Nobunaga,

He who liked tea,

We let you collected creator and make container of tea.

Because there was yet only tea set contained from Chugoku in those days,

This is first Japanese tea set.


The word Mino Yaki is the name of production center,

Shino, yellow Seto, officer of textiles, Seto black, celadon porcelain, white porcelain have 15 items in total, too.


In that Shino,

Clean grilled dish first in Japan. And we have characteristic that we drew picture with writing brush.


Here, Sato was able to show uncut stone of glaze.


Crest. It is * kutamenomo uncut stone with picture. We crush this and mix with water and make glaze.

Crest of blackish uncut stone includes iron oxide.


Of glaze to use for Shino again,

The other is feldspar.



Mix these two with others,

We seem to make work of red Shino and mouse Shino.


Characteristic of work of Sato,

See scenery of curl.


Therefore we only saw work,

Person understanding that Sato made seems to come.


In addition, when Sato is June every year,

It becomes custom to do angling by decoy of sweetfish in the Nagara River.


With time doing ceramic art,

When we do angling by decoy,

Working while modulating during one year

It seems to be lifework of Sato.


People who had you talk this time,

Until "Bizen Yaki Master of Traditional Crafts society exhibition" November 22,

Until "Mino Yaki Master of Traditional Crafts Koichiro Sato ceramic works exhibition" November 15,

We go temporary exhibition and takumi section in Aoyama square.


Again during period,

Bizen Yaki production experience,

In producing Mino Yaki, and demonstrating

Please go to visit Aoyama square.