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2017/11/28 Tuesday product information

Strong Koshu Inden which is loved by general public

"Traveler touched drawstring purse of shammy to waist, and there was descent called ..." in one of "foot journey out of Tokaido" said to that one of the Officially designated Traditional craft products Koshu Inden of Yamanashi was written late in the Edo era and was used for general public from the time.


It is told to be because it was very more firm than other drawstring purses that Koshu Inden was used habitually to traveler.


One of the firm reasons is material.


There was craftsman who specialized in skinning deer in Japan in the Edo era.

(Japan has background that used deerskin habitually from ancient times)


Creator of Koshu Inden bought deerskin from the craftsman and had firm bag thing because we made product.


Deerskin did not only have high strength, and there was advantage that it was easy to process because it was lightweight, and texture was small.


But although there was deer as an envoy of god casualties prohibition area in 1878, and the area was reduced in 1890

When there is application of natural monument, various things happen, and craftsman who specialized in skinning deer in Japan decreases, and there is background that has disappeared now.


We seem to serve material "deerskin" of Koshu Inden as of that purpose by import from foreign countries.


We put card case, pass holder, seal, and Koshu Inden is switched to bag, various things including coin purse by bag.


As there is thing using thing made with Ise Katagami for as for the design, there were many traditional things, but new attempt that we put together is performed to the present person by now various creator.


In addition, it is penetrating as favorite thing among general people now as Koshu Inden is put in various places.


Even Aoyama square performs sale in online shop other than sale at store.


Card case (blue-sea dance) (dark blue, white)

Bean pouch rabbit (black, pink)

Of besides various Koshu Inden have style.

                          List of Koshu Inden


Koshu Inden has nostalgia and warmth slightly.


What type of Koshu Inden do you like?

It may be pleasant to look for favorite special dish.