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2017/12/28 Thursday product information

Laquer Ware named deepening - solidity of Wajima Nuri

Wajima Nuri is one of the Officially designated Traditional craft products of Ishikawa.


There are various opinions, but it is said that "door (shunuritobira) said to that we were made in the Muromachi era painted in red" is old in Wajima Nuri most.

※Door painted in red is used for old main hall of Juuzo Shrine in Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi.


Bowl of Wajima Nuri

As for how to paint, different, but this is cup of Wajima Nuri, too

The history of Wajima Nuri is old,

Not only we continue succeeding to the technique, but also,

We continue always evolving.


We sometimes deepen not evolution,

toiukotoo was deep and might pursue with "Laquer Ware".


Meanwhile, we discovered "Wajima base powder".

We point to thing which we bake kind of diatomaceous earth with powder and made powder.


Mixing Wajima base powder in lacquer, and painting

We do not go at production center of other Laquer Ware,

It is reason to be said to be Laquer Ware that Wajima Nuri is solid.


Tray of Wajima Nuri

When the Edo era begins, technique of lacquer inlaid with gold is established this time, too,

Lacquer work comes to be given in culture Bunsei, too,

Wajima Nuri became more gorgeous Laquer Ware.


Clean vase of lacquer work

Lacquer work of cranes of snowy district looking up at mountain

We treat a lot of tableware and vases,

We came to handle Writing tools and Abacus recently.


Ball-point pen of Wajima Nuri. Lacquer work is given, too

Not only store but also,

We handle Writing tools and Abacus in online shop.


Fountain pen black dragon lacquer work

Other than the Writing tools and Abacus, there is vase.


Vase long neck "orchid lacquer work"


When we want to see list of Wajima Nuri in online shop,

                   It is ⇒ Wajima Nuri from this

As there is corner of Wajima Nuri in Aoyama square,

Person wanting to see the real thing come by all means.




Today is December 28.

Aoyama square was the last business day in this year, too.



Taking a rest for the year-end and New Year holidays is until January 3, 2018,

We start business on Thursday on 4th.


We were taken care of this year.

Next year thank you for your cooperation.