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2018/1/15 Monday exhibition information

Talk show of the Loan Object Exhibition "skill of woman lifetime"

We begin on January 12 with Loan Object Exhibition "skill woman Master of Traditional Crafts exhibition writer of woman lifetime in Aoyama square together",

Annual talk show was performed from 14:00.


It may be said that there is much number of the exhibitors this time,

Talk show is longest two hours in one of this.

Still everybody seemed to be fun and was able to talk eagerly.


The beginning from creator of Nishijin Ori.


Hiromi Nomoto of Nishijin Ori

What Nomoto who is this way 40 years is good at

It is handwoven fabric.


Handwoven fabric does point of nail jaggedly, and checkmate weft,

Furthermore, even Tsuge comb can checkmate weft.


In using such a thread,

We seem to be able to express delicacy of handwoven fabric.


In addition, when it is asked a question by interviewer how you decide the price of Nishijin Ori,

As we change how long you spent time for the object,

On seeing object and price,

If we see price how this was made,

Generally you said that you knew.


Creator of crow castle pongee talked next.


Masako Sumoto of crow castle pongee

It is crow castle pongee with the history of 200 years,

Creator is becoming only Sumoto now.


Sumoto you open classroom now,

You said to students that you succeeded to traditional technique.


Originally crow castle pongee had only thing made of cotton,

Old man of Sumoto comes to take in silk,

The present crow castle pongee seemed to come to be done.


Although kimono is main product

We make recently so that extra odds and ends appear daringly,

You said that you made wallet and card cases with odds and ends.


We had creator of Kyo Nui talk successively.


Noriko Yamashita of Kyo Nui

A lot of way of embroidery of Kyo Nui exists.


Than Yamashita remembers all of them,

If we learn basic embroidery,

Person who found method of own, dividing afterward said that charm of Kyo Nui rose.


Again Yamashita,

We are doing Kyo Nui since childhood,

It is daily work to do Kyo Nui if we come home from school,

We seemed to come to perform as work when we noticed.


Kyo Nui will be one in daily life of you like that.


We had creator of Mino Yaki talk successively.


Kato sound of Mino Yaki

Mino Yaki is made in a certain Toki-shi toward the east of Gifu.


Kato likes expressing scenery of nature,

There are many things which stick leaf on earthenware, and burnt.


For point when we make,

To have you work as messenger every day,

We investigate usability and,

We seem to pursue container (we do not decorate too much) which is finally completed when we rode food.


In addition, actually use by oneself,

You said that you repeated those studies when it was easy to use here or was hard to use here.


We had creator of Kutani Yaki talk successively.


Yuka Hirano of Kutani Yaki

Hirano finishes study of 11 years,

We have begun to make in this world.


Seem to be able to use by daily life; nito,

We are particular about color to use for painting.


Color that Hirano uses is intermediate color.

In using this color,

Tableware and ornament which we do not insist on too much seem to be done.


You said that you wanted to challenge delicate painting in future.


We had you tell creator of Mikawachi Yaki successively.


Yumiko Nakazato of Mikawachi Yaki

Mikawachi Yaki developed as order kiln of Hirato.


Mikawachi Yaki is authorized as inheritance of Japan in April, 2016,

It seemed to come to be taken a lot up afterwards in the media.


Nakazato specializes in painting,

It is husband to make form,

You said that it was son to be doing business and trivial routine duties.


For future aim,

We seem to want to widen variation of picture of dragon.


We had creator of Imari Arita Yaki talk successively.


Marie Kajiwara of Imari Arita Yaki

Kajiwara in Imari Arita Yaki,

We are in charge of painting.


Originally we like flower of field,

We drew only it.


But we think that impact may be weak,

We seemed to come to describe other paintings.


However, these days,

In addition, draw flower of field.

This may be because there is flower of field charming many expressions in imminent place

You said that you wanted to continue drawing flower of field in future.


We had creator of Kyo Kumihimo talk successively.


Kazuko Yuki of Kyo Kumihimo

Kyo Kumihimo originally,

We existed as thing to show status,

We came to be made for obi cord after the Meiji era.


What want to change image of Kyo Kumihimo with such history



Is used now in Shinto shrine Buddhist temple; cross, and make string with main,

We cross and make drawstring purse or cloth pouch of string,

We work on new possibility.


We had creator of Nara Fude talk successively.


Chiyomi Tanaka of Nara Fude

Nara Fude all steps from beginning to the last,

We perform alone.


If there is thing said to be wool writing brush,

We mix hair of tail of horse and,

There seems to be writing brush to mix hair of raccoon dog, and to make.


When we become expert,

We write with soft thing of point of a brush,

Hard writing brush is recommended to beginner.


If price is thing of hard head of a brush, too; thing of around 3,000 yen,

You said that it was good.


We had creator of Yamanaka Shikki talk successively.


Ijiri beauty siblings born in the same year of Yamanaka Shikki

Ijiri works as master of lacquer work in Yamanaka Shikki.


Ijiri who likes describing painting,

That even accessories (Yamanaka Shikki) describe painting, and they are crowded too much.


Though we know, it is not stopped,

We seem to make a note to place where I think that oneself is fun every time.


Thing with view of the world that will be more Marchen in future,

You said that you wanted to express in Yamanaka Shikki.


We had creator of Hirose cloth with splashed pattern talk successively.


Yoshiko Nagata of Hirose cloth with splashed pattern

Thread of Hirose cloth with splashed pattern is cotton,

We were made as work clothes in old days.


Indigo plant of Hirose cloth with splashed pattern,

We use indigo plant of Tokushima.


Nagata seems to manage four indigo plants, too,

Mood inquiry of indigo plant seems to be very great.


At production center where Hirose cloth with splashed pattern is troubled with successor,

Nagata opens classroom now,

You said that you succeeded to the skill of Hirose cloth with splashed pattern.


We had creator of Murakami Kibori Tsuishu talk successively.


Ritsuko Ikeno of Murakami Kibori Tsuishu

In Murakami Kibori Tsuishu other than thickly-coated red lacquer ware with patterns carved in relief,

There is technique such as elaborately-coated black lacquering with patterns in relief and *hishio (kimma), too.


In house of Ikeno, elaborately-coated black lacquering with patterns in relief and *hishio seem to go, too.


When we are doing Murakami Kibori Tsuishu,

Being asked well

Difference with Kamakura Bori.


We carve bare wood using chisel in Kamakura,

We carve Murakami dehaurajiroto with thing that called blade is on on both sides.


Therefore sculpture of Murakami is more delicate finely; can express,

Called this is different.


In addition, Ikeno did not do carving until now,

It may be said that there are few engravers as circumstances of Murakami,

We seemed to begin to learn from November of last year.


When even carving wants to become full-fledged in future,

You said.


We had you talk toward the creator of Kyo Yuzen successively.


Izumi Oishi of Kyo Yuzen

Kyo Yuzen performs 8 processes by division of labor from old days,

Oishi is in charge of coloring process in that.


Because it was this way 45 years,

We became able to draw anything,

We seem to be still weak in only portraiture.


Again Kyo Yuzen,

We are popular with people who are young because there is school.

But even if graduate; workplace,

We seem to have difficult point not to be readily found.


There seemed to be one Teshi in place of Oishi,

Because we have gone to wife now,

You said that pupil was in condition not to be now.


We had creator of Yamanaka Shikki talk successively.


Kaori Oshita Land of Yamanaka Shikki

Oshita launches brand "Classic Ko" of Yamanaka Shikki,

We make with all the members of the family.


In addition, we are in charge of lacquer work of two major brands of fountain pen,

We seem to spend busy days.


Feeling that such Oshita is the most serious



Although we describe more and more and want to be crowded when we draw lacquer work

To make good thing of sense accepted by many people,

We seem to be thinking that the beauty of blank is important.


Making accessories so that person becomes the leading role,

You said that it was the most important.


We had creator of Tama Ori talk successively.


Keiko Sawai of Tama Ori

Tama Ori is made in Hachioji-shi of Tokyo,

It is Officially designated Traditional craft products.


Husband of Sawai is the fourth generation of Tama Ori,

Sawai plays an active part as creator, too.


Husband of Sawai may say idea man,

Tama Ori seems to widen new possibility more and more.


For example, we exhibit stall such as photograph in mail order site "MoMA STORE" of Museum of Modern Art and,

To prevent dough from becoming fluffy,

We actually test that is strange that we do not occur in ordinary people and.


Sawai being doing manufacturing with such a husband,

It seemed to be very happy.


We had creator of Imari Arita Yaki talk successively.


Taeko Aoki of Imari Arita Yaki

Aoki in Imari Arita Yaki,

We make mainly Nabeshima ware.


Nabeshima ware is order kiln of Saga feudal clan,

We were made for presentation.


Aoki does grilled dish in families,

We share potter's wheel, sketch, each including dyed figure on cloth and make.


It is said that it is important that brothers get along well from parents,

You worked together and still said that you ate rice together.


We had creator of Bizen Yaki talk successively.


Akemi Kawai of Bizen Yaki

Following the back of mother as for Kawai,

It became pottery of Bizen Yaki.


Soil of Bizen uses soil under rice field.

We are not getting anymore now,

All the potteries of Bizen Yaki

We seem to let soil for dozens of years idle in studio.


Soil of Bizen is characteristic,

We may not use fresh soil.


After being weather-beaten, and laying for rain zarashioshite 2, around 30 years,

It is common sense to use.

If period laying is long, it is long,

You said that it became good soil.


Kiln is ascending kiln,

We cook once a year.


When cook; ten night and day.

We continue cooking with 24 hours while watching kiln how many people there are.


Merely last two days,

As it is necessary to ascertain stopping time of fire,

When Kawai watches without being changed,

You said.


Finally we had creator of another Bizen Yaki talk.


Katsuyo Takami of Bizen Yaki

Takami did not do Bizen Yaki from the beginning,

It was painter.


Over Europe,

Although we studied picture in earnest

We felt obstacle and seemed to come back to local Bizen.


At that time, we notice that we liked Bizen Yaki from old days if we say so,

You said that you entered this world.


Ascending kiln of Takami,

We cook once a year in ten night and day from October 1.


We do not attach glaze to Bizen Yaki.

We do not give picture either.



It seems to be pleasant to change expression with one how to grill.


From now on,

By various how to grill,

When we want to continue making Bizen Yaki which can show various expressions,

You said.


Including creator which had you talk this time,

With 24 Loan Object Exhibition "skill woman Master of Traditional Crafts exhibition writers in total of woman lifetime,"

We go until January 24.


Please go to visit.