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2018/2/23 Friday news

NEW DENSAN PROJECT result presentation

In yesterday, meeting room of Aoyama square on the second floor,

Result presentation of NEW DENSAN PROJECT was held.


※Production center and designer cooperate with NEW DENSAN PROJECT in one of the business of The Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries and are project to bring about product of new Officially designated Traditional craft products matching in the present age.


Many people gathered in venue since before presentation was held, and there was person asked about explanation about product.


What we can announce in result presentation

It is only thing which pushed forward development while being chosen from many plans, and receiving check of examination committee.


It is seven to have announced as new product this year.


roomshibori (Kyo Kanoko Shibori)

MiyaBizen (Bizen Yaki)

TSUBURA (Yamanaka Shikki)

anchiurushi (AJIURUSHI) (Kagawa Shikki)

NAMU,polygoNIMAL (Hikone Butsudan)

fu_wa (Echizen Washi)

KOYORI WASHI (continent Washi Paper)

Anything is one of what saw so far; let's not be,

It is only product which I come to want.


Result announcement of these products,

It was creator of each industrial art object and two people of designer.


Because there is contemplation to make, presentation is full of heat


It is round-table conference after result announcement (presentation) of each product was over.

People who had you come here and people who made product had a detailed talk about product individually.


Each product which announced result this time,

With JAPAN BRAND FESTIVAL2018 performed in Shibuya Hikarie for from Friday, March 2 to Sunday, March 4,

We exhibit in interior lifestyle TOKYO2018 performed in Tokyo BIC site for from Wednesday, May 30 to Friday, June 1.


You go to visit, and please look at the real thing.