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2018/2/23 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of "Miyagi" "Morioka-shi" "Kishu Shikki"

Aoyama is squarer than today,

"Traditional industrial art object exhibition - Iwate foot, handwork of Morioka was wrapped in spring light, and display of three of ..." began artisan corner "Kishu tradition Laquer Ware exhibition" with temporary exhibition "Officially designated Traditional craft products exhibition of Miyagi" central section.


Annual talk show is started at 14:00,

We had each people talk.


At first we heard story from Okada who made Sendai chest of Miyagi.


Sendai chest just became Officially designated Traditional craft products in June, 2015 and participated in temporary exhibition for the first time this time.


Sendai chest becomes popular from the Meiji era, and metal fittings are characteristic chests.

Metal fittings do the end from the back and make design,

As for the design, dragon and tiger, mascot vary.

Metal fittings of chest seemed to take role as decoration of room in old days.


We prepare woodworker, painter, for 3 people one thing of master of metal fittings into Sendai chest.

There are 13, and there seems to be creator of 15 people now.


In addition, we can repair Sendai chest as thing which is old (things of the Showa era) if old.

One having old Sendai chest may talk once.


You said that you wanted to produce new things in future while following tradition well.


We heard story from Niiyama of yachiro kokeshi doll successively.


yachiro kokeshi doll is one of Officially designated Traditional craft products "Miyagi Dento Kokeshi".

Among others, there are three of "clapper kokeshi doll" "Sakunami, Sendai kokeshi doll" "Togatta kokeshi doll".


yachiro kokeshi doll is covered with beret, and the feature is that yellow is used other than red and blue.

In addition, picture is very warm, and bare wood seems to have many heavy things.


Creator is three ten + young people now,

All one kokeshi doll build up alone.

Therefore expression varies according to creator,

When you can enjoy on seeing expression for side to buy, side to look at,

You said.


We heard story from Sato of bank doll, Sendai papier-mache successively.


Bank doll refers to doll made in town called Tsutsumicho from the Edo era.

Characteristic is to use red.


Because we said in Tsutsumicho so that there was grilled dish called pottery of Sendai, and soil was produced in old days,

We used local soil,

House was built in sequence, and soil was not produced.

We seem to order soil as of that purpose.


Doll forms cat, ukiyoe print, Kabuki, mascot, festival doll,

Because of cat boom, you said that doll of cat was sold most now.


In addition, Sendai papier-mache,

Because we stick paper on the bare wood and make,

We make Dharma mainly.


We make Dharma doll at other production centers,

The feature of Dharma of Sendai papier-mache is that both eyes are written from the beginning.


Reason is not thing doing victory prayer,

Put in high place of house,

This seems to be because it is Dharma as existence to have you let glare work and protect house.


You said that you replaced with new Dharma when it was the New Year every year.


We heard story from Sato of handmade village of Morioka successively.


You said that this highlight was Nambu Tekki which young people made.


As for the Nambu Tekki, different person makes the body and part of crane.

The body is casting, but one totally different in technique features crane to use technique to be said to be forging.


Main unit of Nambu Tekki makes thing with each taste with each work by ten young people. Person who made mainly crane this time again produced; "change; there are zuru 24 kinds, too", and is recommended as is thing which this cannot readily see.


In addition, you said as there was Woven textiles which it was beyond Morioka in Tokyo called carapace of a turtle texture and could not see, and craftsman of carapace of a turtle texture demonstrated this time on 28th on 27th when you came to see by all means.


Finally we had Tanioka of Kishu Shikki performed at artisan corner talk.


Of course, characteristic of Kishu Shikki is Negoro coat.


It was Kishu Shikki in old days that black part was gradually seen while caliber whom there was not used only cinnabar red when it was new.

The technique does not still change, but seems to sell thing which cinnabar red sharpened a little from the beginning because readily black part is not seen even if we are doing trainer in usual times when it is the present age.


Without there being writer doing Kishu Shikki, but there being hardly craftsman, Tanioka in the last when might become alone, said in the way that was uneasy.


In addition, Tanioka is painter and is master of lacquer work.

It might be said that we liked picture of chicken, and there were many things which we put lacquer work of chicken for in accessories and brought thing which put lacquer work of peacock for ivory this time again.


People who had you talk this time,

Temporary exhibition "Officially designated Traditional craft products exhibition of Miyagi" until March 7 (as for from 23 to 26, from 2 to 7 on March demonstration, experience-based existence)

Artisan corner "Kishu tradition Laquer Ware exhibition" until February 28 (daily life demonstration during period, experience-based existence)

Central section "traditional industrial art object exhibition - Iwate foot of a mountain, and handwork is wrapped in spring light ... of Morioka" until March 7 (27th, 28th demonstration existence)

It is reflected on this.


Carry foot by all means.