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2018/3/8 Thursday product information

Doll for the Boy's Festival in Aoyama square

Today when the Girl's Festival is over, and one week is going to pass soon,

Display of doll for the Boy's Festival began on Aoyama square center stage.


There are few helmet and armor, but petty person has already gathered still more.


Classic helmet. Parenthesis is good when we see close

Small carp streamer. It looks good in slight present

Boy sits astride dragon

Petty people who want to present to newborn boy

Are you not somewhat excited just to see?


Over the Boy's Festival of May, dolls for the Boy's Festival of each Officially designated Traditional craft products gather in Aoyama square more and more.


By the way, do you know meaning of "festival" of the Girl's Festival and the Boy's Festival?

This says the turn of the seasons, and there is every odd month.


January 7, March 3, May 5, July 7, September 9.


May there be person that aretto thought on seeing date on "July 7" on "January 7" although we do not say "festival" by daily life very much?

It is the Star Festival on day of nanakusa-gayu, "July 7" on "January 7". In fact, these two were one of festival, too.


"Only on September 9," we may be too only unfamiliar.

It is day when chrysanthemum Festival is carried out in temples on that day.


Right how to call festival,

January 7: Festival (by another name the seasonal festival of the seven herbs) of the seventh day of January

March 3: Festival (by another name the Girl's Festival) of the Dolls' Festival

May 5: The Boy's Festival (by another name festival of iris)

July 7: Festival (by another name festival of bamboo grass) of the Star Festival (not ※ "tanabata" "shichiseki")

September 9: Festival (by another name the Feast of the Chrysanthemum) of Chrysanthemum Festival

It becomes in this.


We wait impatiently for arrival of the Boy's Festival of 5 such festivals,

Display outside Aoyama square and display of entrance changed, too.


Three carp streamers swim elegantly

Doll for the Boy's Festival which watches entrance of square

From tomorrow, new Loan Object Exhibition and artisan corner begin,

Talk show is performed from 14:00, too.


Person having time come by all means.

We look forward to.