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2018/3/9 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of "departure to create gaiety" to and "Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen"

Aoyama is square from today,

Loan Object Exhibition "suggestion ... of departure - celebration to create gaiety" to and artisan corner "Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen Sada Ogura right, *shinkoten" begin,

Talk show was performed from 14:00.


At first we heard story from Nagasawa exhibiting in departure to create gaiety to.


Nagasawa of Izushi Yaki

Izushi Yaki is Officially designated Traditional craft products made in Toyooka-shi in the northern part of Hyogo.

It is place that is famous in stork and Kinosaki Onsen.


Approximately 230 years ago, we discover clay for chinaware in current land,

Izushi Yaki began.


Characteristic of Izushi Yaki put sculpture for white porcelain.

We install wax in place where we gave sculpture, and we hang glaze, and only roast, the part are finished in state of biscuit ware. While it uses, part which does not have glaze begins to have color taste such as tea incrustations, and it is characteristic of Izushi Yaki that enjoy the change.


Only four Izushi Yaki remains and they get cooperation of city and are going to take in young person now.


As there was system that place to live free was given for three years, you said when you wanted you to refer for person who was interested by all means.


We had Kitayama talk next.


Kitayama of Kagawa Shikki

Kagawa Shikki Japanese house the tatami-room table era,

It was Officially designated Traditional craft products of Kagawa that developed so as to be proud of whole country's best sales in Laquer Ware.


There is education system to bring up young person, but acceptable company and one which individual is not do not seem to be able to readily increase young people in the current situation now even if we graduate from school.


Kagawa Shikki has *hishio (kimma), *sei (zonsei), lacquer-carving (choshitsu), Goto coat (we apply father), 5 technique of Zokoku's method of lacquerware painting (elephant is thick and paints).


One which Kitayama is good at brings many industrial art objects this time in that in *hishio (kimma), *sei (zonsei) and goes down and can see various Kagawa Shikki.


You took pupil during two or three years and said that you wanted to bring up in future.


It is Koiwai to have had you talk next.


Koiwai of Shinshu Tsumugi (Ueda pongee)

Shinshu Tsumugi is Officially designated Traditional craft products of Nagano and is pongee characterized by stripe and lattice.


Koiwai did not intend to inherit Ueda pongee which is business from the beginning, but creator of kimono arrives at thought to be good most and continues up to the present day if we convey Japanese traditional culture while we repeat various experience.


Shinshu Tsumugi was made as everyday wear from old days, and things that color taste was quiet were often found.


But characteristic was just stripe and lattice and Koiwai whom we arrested when it was not modest color taste thought to make Ueda pongee which oneself wanted to wear and has begun to make colorful kimono.


We made Ueda pongee for oneself more and more and came to be taken up recently in the Mainichi Shimbun.


You said that Koiwai wanted to enlarge place where we could challenge from now on.


We heard story from Kajiwara successively.


Kajiwara of Imari Arita Yaki

As for Kajiwara, "both that and this participate in Loan Object Exhibition as cover thing" Imari Arita Yaki woman Master of Traditional Crafts exhibition this time.


Imari Arita Yaki woman Master of Traditional Crafts exhibition goes in Aoyama square every year at time of this and the beginning from 11 years ago (shop was in Ikebukuro at that time).


When we began, participant was five or six people, but woman Master of Traditional Crafts of 12 people gathered this time.


30 several years when Kajiwara entered this industry ago, position of creator of woman seemed to be very low thing. But when woman has power to change this industry into thing with hope brightly when it is now even if there are fewer women for the number of people; gen wareruyonimadenarimashita.


When this highlight wanted you to see each a certain 12 unit-related painting, you said.


Finally we heard story from Ogura of artisan corner.


Ogura of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen

When freehand drawing Yuzen greatly distributes,

There are Tokyo, Kyoto, 3 production centers of Nagoya.


What it is chic and puts together for color taste of the system features Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen in that.


Old days liked William Morris, and they said to Ogura that they described paintings such as arabesque design or paisley well.

Father is Master of Traditional Crafts in the same way, too, and, by this parent and child exhibition, works of two people form a line.


Different pigeon of two people seems to be different in color taste to use even if we described the same painting when we say. It is characteristic that there are many things inserting dark color in color that a lot of colors that father is thick are thin as for Ogura.


When it was asked a question that what I should do to distinguish whether it was good thing in Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen, you said when it was color of the back of courteousness and kimono.


When good person describes, picture of the same color is described in both the back and the face, but it seems to be in color tinged with haze when we see the back when coating is shallow person.


As for the people who had you talk this time, Loan Object Exhibition performing until 14th exhibits "suggestion ... of departure - celebration to create gaiety" to and artisan corner in "Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen Sada Ogura right, *shinkoten".


As demonstration and experience go during period, come to Aoyama square by all means.

We look forward to.