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2018/3/19 Monday product information

Spatula of powerful looks - Iga Yaki

There is place where Ceramics formed a line in corner of Aoyama square.


It is Iga Yaki to bring on powerful presence in that.



To seem roughness,

It is mysterious grilled dish that delicacy is felt.


Iga Yaki made pot and earthenware mortar in the same way as Shigaraki Yaki made in land which was adjacent in the early 14th century. When the 17th century began, with water jar for the tea ceremony and flower of large-minded, powerful tea Sue called Old Iga seemed to come to be baked.


And when it was the mid-18th century, everyday tableware began to be baked by support of Todo feudal clan and became the present Iga Yaki.



May Iga Yaki have many people reflecting the image of earthenware pot, too?

Big earthenware pot was made well, but earthenware pot for two use and one came to be made now in old days, too.


Iga Yaki resembles Shigaraki Yaki that place of production center is near,

There is different place conclusively when we look at earthenware pot.


Place whether it has twin ear.

Ear is place to have by hand, but there is individual thing having a shape a lot when we see Iga Yaki.


Besides, Iga Yaki is characteristic.

Instead of not painting, it draws line of undulation with spatula tool, and it touches "getting burnt" and "green vidro", and it touches distortion and dent on purpose more, and it is Iga Yaki that enjoy molding.


There is Iga Yaki in online shop of Aoyama square.


Blue life child Matcha bowl

tsuwabuki plate

There are only 2 products on online shop page of Iga Yaki, but is going to increase from now on.


In addition, Ceramics, please check you like as product of 25 kinds of Officially designated Traditional craft products appears when we see online shop page of the whole Ceramics.



In Aoyama square, being heavy and a lot of Iga Yaki which we did are employed in this way.

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