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2018/3/23 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of "young next of Traditional Craft more" and "Kamakura Bori"

In Aoyama square,

Temporary exhibition "spring ... of young trace next Ishikawa, Kumamoto - castle town of Traditional Craft" and artisan corner "Kamakura Bori Tsuneaki Aoyama mirror exhibition,"

We began on today, and talk show was performed from 2:00.


At first we heard story from Aso exhibiting for temporary exhibition.


Creator, Aso of Higo Zogan

Higo Zogan is Officially designated Traditional craft products of Kumamoto,

Originally what was used for the brim (saliva) of sword does by opening.


We fit pure gold and pure silver in iron,

It is characteristic of Higo Zogan that let iron rust black.


Black rust sprinkles rust liquid to iron and takes out rust,

We rub with brush and leave only firm rust.


After having repeated this process several times,

We stew by abundant tea break of Tannin and take out black rust,

It is completion if we sprinkle oil.



Aso likes careful work,

We seem to often make accessories.


When any product wants to make advanced thing with confidence in future,

You said.


We heard story from Hosokawa successively.

Creator, Hosokawa of Household Buddhist Altars of Fukui

This time handmade thing of Fukui,

We exhibited in partnership with creator of several people.


Hosokawa runs lacquering, gold leaf push in Household Buddhist Altars structure.

It may be said that we make with family,

Of post of Household Buddhist Altars production 7 house which there is,

It is made with bare wood, and it is said that it is from lacquering, gold leaf push, the last assembling of possible woodwork to completion,

We seem to perform half of all trips.


Because each domestic style changed now,

It was not the time called one excellent Household Buddhist Altars in family.


Thing to be able to put on the chest from customer,

Wall hangings include request called usable thing,

We seem to actually make.


In addition, there are other industrial art objects of Fukui this time.

Person of creator does not come today,

As for Japanese candle, Mizuhiki, Echizen work, dyeing with vegetable dyes, turnery, the Washi Paper doll,

It is only discerning thing each.


We heard story from another Hashimoto who made industrial art object of Fukui successively.


Creator, Hashimoto of umbrella

Speaking of umbrella, it is umbrella,

We were made in Japan from last part of Edo era.


It is in the middle of the Showa era to have prospered most,

There seemed to be about 850 at that time.

It was now, and only family of Hashimoto came to only make.


In umbrella which Hashimoto makes,

It is this umbrella which it is Oshima pongee that people who came to hear talk show were surprised, and was made.


Price is one, 1 million yen how.


This is because one one is particular about the reason and is made.

Can make only one using one Oshima pongee.

The Russian point (we tear soup) is made of bamboo and paints with color-evoking lacquer and paints with black lacquer from the top. While we use by doing so, lower color-evoking lacquer comes out to the surface, and it is in excellent texture.

Furthermore, leading part is made of oaks, and we take, and there is part by bamboo.


In this, it turns out that it is different from other umbrellas in detail.


In addition, there are 24 bones of umbrella becoming Janome, but this seems to have a meaning.

Calendar is made for 24 sections mind and is one nervous about omens to keep off evil by adding and the number. In addition, umbrella was called "soup payment" and was treated as mascot and said when we wanted more people to know umbrella.


We had Kinoshita talk next.


Creator, Kinoshita of Yamanaka Shikki

Saying that Yamanaka Shikki wants to become creator from other prefectures for these past several years,

Young people increase.


When Kinoshita is looking with squid which is anything with feeling that manufacturing to get in hand wants to make,

It seemed to become Yamanaka Shikki and encounter creator.


We make bowl and extra-large sake cup with a view of grain of wood now.

Tree which is used in Yamanaka Shikki,

It is Keyaki, mizume cherry tree, horse chestnut, cherry tree, hinoki,

We said that it was pleasant to change tree to use by use.


In addition, from last year, we made collaboration with designer and seemed to come to make accessories.


It is Matsuo to have had you talk successively.


Creator, Matsuo of Masayuki Noto Washi Paper

Originally Matsuo who made Washi Paper at another place,

We know that there is place where we prepare Washi Paper into in hometown,

We opened the gate made with Masayuki Noto Washi Paper.


It features Masayuki Noto Washi Paper to make Washi Paper with thing of nature produced in hometown.

The beginning made Washi Paper of cryptomeria bark and bamboo sheath,

So that wife whom we married into here makes thing putting flower in the Washi Paper,

We continue up to the present day.


Matsuo still enters studio of Masayuki Noto Washi Paper and is two years,

You said that the making of Washi Paper was very fun.


Finally we had Aoyama exhibiting at artisan corner talk.


Creator, Aoyama of Kamakura Bori

Aoyama is from Aichi,

We did wooden sculpture in Asahikawa of Hokkaido.


There were various kinds before we arrived at Hokkaido,

It may be said that we saw the making of ranma in the days of child close,

Carving tree,

We might settle down in heart of Aoyama.


We feel that Aoyama who did wooden sculpture in Asahikawa is interesting,

We have begun to study to go to university of arts.


And it is suggested whether you go to Italy by professor of university and actually goes,

We meet Japanese who has Kamakura Bori to aunt when we go round furenchie,

You said that you decided to do Kamakura Bori.


Speaking of Kamakura Bori, it was being said to be Aoyama now,

When we graduate from training school, and there is not room, too,

Thing which we made was not sold and was thorny days.


We were in studio for three years,

As only thing which oneself made is left,

There was residence hotness, too and seemed to become independent.


But it is just time of bubble at that time,

Make a contract with shop immediately independently,

Thing which we made came to be sold.


When bubble only splits open,

In addition, we are not popular,

It is in consciousness to say to make thing which customer finally buys then,

We seemed to continue up to the present day.


There is Teshi to current Aoyama, too,

Teshi demonstrates in Aoyama square early next week, too.


People of creator which had you talk this time,

Temporary exhibition "young in spring ... of next Ishikawa, Kumamoto - castle town of Traditional Craft more" until April 4,

Artisan corner "Kamakura Bori Tsuneaki Aoyama mirror exhibition" goes until March 28.


As there are demonstration and experience, please check.