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2018/4/6 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of "Nagoya Traditional Craft" and "Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen"

Temporary exhibition "Nagoya Traditional Craft wazamon a large number of people Festival" and artisan corner "Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen Sada Ogura right *shinkoten" began on today in Aoyama square.


At first we had Fushitani of Nagoya lantern which was leader of wazamon a large number of people talk.


Creator, Fushitani of Nagoya lantern

Traditional industrial art object as for the losing consumers by lack of successor, the import of bargain Chugoku products and change of lifestyle,

We have a lot of problems.


In this situation although anyone thinks that we are wrong

We reach limit immediately alone and cannot act.


Therefore even if we have the same problem,

Meaning that we could act had fukumi metewazamon a large number of people.


wazamon a large number of people play an active part led by Nagoya,

It is group making new thing.


Eight companies are participating now,

Five companies of the inside came to Aoyama square this time.


It is the fifth year in this year and places of achievement increase, too and are out of castle of Nagoya-jo Castle recently,

We seemed to come to make original goods of gold killer whale bystreet.


And Fushitani,

We continue making industrial art object as creator of Nagoya lantern.


We do Nagoya Yuzen and collaboration and make lantern of new form and,

We make lantern for festival and,

When we make lantern as lighting equipment,

In fact, orders of lantern seem to increase.


This is only nice, but on the other hand,

As it is that creator of lantern decreases,

We include problem.


As of now, young people make lanterns,

Ten years later, it seems to be important whether you are brought up as successor.


In addition, while Fushitani will get up on the basis of traditional thing in future,

You said that you wanted to make thing without sense of incongruity in the present life.


It is Akatsuka of Nagoya Yuzen to have had you talk next.


Creator, Akatsuka of Nagoya Yuzen

While people going by ink-jet of printing increases in yuzen,

We continue making yuzen by hand.


Difference between manual labor and ink-jet,

Print which we made by hand having three-dimensional impression.


Both color and form are equal, and there is feeling sticky generally when we dye by ink-jet.

But thickness of line is delicately different when we dye by hand,

When you could see it three-dimensionally from a distance and became tasteful Yuzen, you said.


In addition, we make skirt using technique of printing recently,

This is popular in form that we can express only by hand, too.


We had Yamada of Seto member of a group talk next.


Creator, Yamada of Seto member of a group

It is industrial art object which Seto member of a group fits tree without using nail and makes.


Originally Yamada made furniture,

While we pursue technique of woodwork deeply,

Interest came to be attracted by member of a group in shops.


Although we did not think that oneself became able to make at the start

We come to gradually make,

We continue up to the present day.


All the designs go by oneself, too,

We may receive order,

We think about how you design and, in decided size, seem to make then.


We play the pan, and product includes coaster, stationery, table, states including accessories.


We use tree of Seto member of a group without dyeing.

Even if there was tree of blackish color and whitish color with accessories,

As it just only uses original color,

It seems to be natural color.


It is Yamada who often made colorful member of a group before,

You said recently when it increased to make thing which it was simple, and parenthesis was good for.


We had Harada of Owari Shippo talk next.


Harada who works for Kato Shippo of Owari Shippo

They enter this world, and only three years have passed yet,

You still said that it was probationary state.


Such Harada,

Shippo-cho was native place and seemed to have touched Shippo at school since childhood.


University was over literature system,

Feeling that we want to make yapari Shippo is strong,

We will enter Kato Shippo store.


Originally as we did not describe painting,

It seems to be difficult to describe painting.


Shippo builds glaze based on metal,

We say thing which we burnt.


In Shippo like it as for Harada,

We seem to want to become able to make womb Shippo (shotaishippo)-saving sometime.


Person who can make is limited to womb Shippo-saving now,

In Shippo store where Harada belongs to,

Only predecessors in the family line was able to make.


By process last in womb Shippo-saving,

We dissolve metal of Shippo using acid.


Therefore it is very difficult to make,

Only approximately three seem to be completed even if they make ten.


When we resemble three-dimensional stained glass,

You said.


We had Takeda of Nagoya Kuromontsuki Zome talk next.


Creator, Takeda of Nagoya Kuromontsuki Zome

Nagoya Kuromontsuki Zome,

There are a lot of people thinking that we point to mourning dress in now,

We wore at the time of felicitous event in the best formal dress.


At certain famous school,

We hold graduation ceremony in Nagoya Kuromontsuki Zome and hakama.


What is said to be characteristic of Nagoya in kokumonfusen

Place to use our crest wire netting (we win thing and arrange kana).


We can dye for a long time by using our crest wire netting,

We can give solid color.


Just modern person,

People who did not know what own family coat of arms was increased.


As crest is only thing which you may make freely,

It is stylish to make own crest with sense of fun without being particular about family coat of arms.


Again Takeda,

We have thought to want to fix kimono of man,

This time again between talk show,

You said that you wanted to help current director of Aoyama square put on kimono.


Finally we had Ogura of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen talk.


Creator, Ogura of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen

Yuzen has Kyo Yuzen, various things including Kaga Yuzen,

As for the yuzen of Tokyo, smart thing with sense of fun is made by basis.


In sengeiten performed in December of last year,

100 points of yuzens of Ogura were chosen as the third of a certain inside.


What we described there

It was picture which was full of treasure,

We seemed to design thing to be full of toys.


Design which is full of these toys is thing which was oneself,

Father of Ogura dyed this time.


When father in his 70s dyes,

It becomes kimono of color of a similar shade, and atmospheres seem to be different to have dyed by oneself.



It is modern with modern thing and arabesque,

And as we keep sketch with dynamism in mind,

Customer is easy to be accompanied by people more than 40 generations,

There is kimono which father was prepared into in tendency that customer is easy to gain 70s.


In future,

Thing that color drew design with thing of father by oneself,

When design wanted to make thing which we made traditional fine pattern with own thing, color said.


People of creator which had you talk this time,

Temporary exhibition "Nagoya Traditional Craft wazamon a large number of people Festival" on April 18,

Artisan corner "Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen Sada Ogura right, *shinkoten" during period until April 11,

As you are to Aoyama square, please come to play.