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2018/4/20 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of "Traditional Craft of Fukui" and "Kyoto ceramic ware"

Aoyama is square from today, temporary exhibition "present of Traditional Craft spring of Fukui,"

Artisan corner "with Kyo Yaki - Kiyomizu Yaki Yoshimura comfort studio latest announcement exhibition" begins,

Annual talk show was performed from 14:00.


At first we had Ichibankase of Fukui prefectural government office do explanation of temporary exhibition.


In Fukui, distribution remained by heavy snowfall damage last year,

Snow melted, too and seemed to restore now.


It is Officially designated Traditional craft products of Fukui by this temporary exhibition,

We display Echizen Shikki, Echizen Washi, Echizen Uchihamono, Echizen Yaki, five of Echizen Tansu.


Echizen Washi is Washi Paper industry to root in land of Fukui for more than 1,500 years,

It is the only place dedicated to God of paper.


The feature is that we can make paper to big thing including sliding paper-door.

Dinosaur art that we matched Echizen Washi with famous dinosaur in Fukui and made,

As for the bags made with making paper by hand Washi Paper,

We please person who there is, and looks at strange thing.


Echizen Yaki now,

We develop sticky thing in soil to challenge new thing,

We cook grilled dish which is thin made.


It is difficult to make thing of thinness around 1mm,

We cannot readily imitate in others.


Because Echizen Shikki is made for 1,500 years, too,

Binns of cute pattern becomes recommended product this time.


Originally Echizen Uchihamono made hoe (eat) and agricultural machinery,

We come to make kitchen knife,

Steak knife or Tolly of the sky came to be made now, too.


Finally it is Echizen Tansu,

We apply chest technology and, as well as chest, are making various things now.


For example, thing in photograph,

Stuff which becomes speaker when we put mobile phone.

That sound echoes in tree, and amplify; make.


We had creator of Kyoto ceramic ware, with Yoshimura comfort talk successively.


It determines Kyoto ceramic ware that production center was formed in production center of grilled dish, and it cannot be said that it is early.

Old one is said to be six old kilns in ceramic ware,

"Seto ware" "Tokoname Yaki" "Tamba Tachikui Yaki" "Bizen Yaki" "Echizen Yaki" "Shigaraki Yaki"

It is six production centers of this.


Kyoto ceramic ware may be called production center that we were able to leave in comparison with six old kilns,

There are many warm gorgeous works playing tricks.


Because it is only said to be hand-molded earthenware in Kyoto ceramic ware that Yoshimura is made,

Is simple, making is characteristic.


Hand-molded earthenware having been born

It dates back to the times when there was Sen no Rikyu.


Sen no Rikyu made wabi sabi the first.

Because, according to Sen no Rikyu, foreign-made articles were too clean,

We seemed to let craftsman (craftsman who arranged something like Shiisa which said in now) who did tile-making make bowl in those days.


Because craftsman was tile maker,

We made thing with handbuilding without potter's wheel being done.


When we make bowl with handbuilding in the same way,

We could not give beautiful line such as potter's wheel, and there was thing of crooked form,

Sen no Rikyu felt wabi sabi there and continued letting you make afterwards.


The tile maker is following by the name of person of comfort now.

Yoshimura was not apprenticed to person of comfort,

To tell about the technique in history now; seem to be active.


Besides, there is characteristic of hand-molded earthenware.

As the bowl breathes in water when we pour hot water into bowl of hand-molded earthenware,

The feature is that water leaks if we keep on being able to enter on 1st.


As for this, land called Kyoto is cold,

For hospitality to give even slightly warm tea break,

We let bowl suck in hot water and seem to be thing which thinks to warm bowl itself, and was made.


As Yoshimura comes to Aoyama square all the time during exhibition period,

Curious person comes to hear story, and how?


Of people who had talk this time is,

Temporary exhibition "present of Traditional Craft spring of Fukui" until May 2,

Artisan corner "with Kyo Yaki - Kiyomizu Yaki Yoshimura comfort studio latest announcement exhibition" goes until April 25.


As, during exhibition period, production experience or production demonstration go, too,

Please check.