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2018/6/28 Thursday product information

Odate Mage Wappa which supports culture of tree from dining table

Odate Mage Wappa is still Officially designated Traditional craft products of popular Akita.


It is considered to be opening that woodcutter made container of bending in sugimasa,

It develops as side job of low-class samurai by encouragement of feudal clan in the late 17th century and reaches in now.


Oval gold coin-shaped lunch box

Stylish lunch box which blue and red entered diagonally

Nature Akita cedar which is merely used for Odate Mage Wappa,

Felling is prohibited from the viewpoint of resource conservation after 2013,

We were not able to take materials newly.


When we use up natural Akita cedar holding now,

We cannot make newly.


Therefore we seem to study new materials as a substitute for natural Akita cedar day and night.


Lengthwise container. It is just right to put sugar and salt

Container to put zaru-soba and colander udon in

Bending bentwood ware of coffee cup

When natural Akita cedar puts rice in the Odate Mage Wappa to be full of absorbency and puts,

It becomes hard to ache, and it is said that it becomes delicious,

Lunch box is quite popular.


But it is not only lunch box recently,

Various things came to be made like photograph, too.


Lunch box that color is slightly dark

As attention of the handling of Odate Mage Wappa,

It is the way of processing after having washed.


As we use natural tree,

Mold contributes to grow when we keep with getting wet.


If we wash in water,

We will leave unattended until we completely dry at air permeable good place.

We can use habitually for a long time if we do so.


Odate Mage Wappa which is popular at store,

We can purchase even online shopping.


Two steps of lunch boxes of meal go type

Odate music gewappahango lunch


In addition, there is Odate Mage Wappa, but is sold out now.


As we only have plan to be received again,

Please confirm curious one from this and glance through ⇒ Odate Mage Wappa


Lunch box of two steps of stacks. Round shape and pentagon

Lunch box of tree,

With plastic lunch box of taste is different.


Coming season,

When it seems to come to have a slight summer lethargy,

Do you not regain vitality in live lunch box?