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2018/8/10 Friday exhibition information

"Sum living loves Loan Object Exhibition! Gather; talk show of woman artisan people Part 1

In Aoyama square from today Loan Object Exhibition "live, and love harmony! Gather, and woman artisan people Part 1 begins,

Talk show was performed from 14:00.


We had you talk from masuha, creator of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen.


Creator, Machida of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen

What we want to recommend to this time

Half the width of a roll that we did Aizu cotton and collaboration and made.


It becomes reversible,

Cotton hemp which table puts freehand drawing yuzen for.

The back becomes pattern totally different in the Asao ground.


Because we fix price at 50,000 yen and sell,

It became obi which was popular among young people.


Because price range becomes slightly high in Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen,

Almost none of the people that one purchasing is more than 40-50 generations in.

This half the width of a roll seemed to become reclamation to young generation.


In addition, because obi of half the width of a roll plays an active part in the summertime,

As for the one to be just right to match with yukata and Ojiya Chijimi

It may be one of the factors that we caught to young generation.


In addition, to Takahashi of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori which got to know through this Loan Object Exhibition,

We have you make thing wearing this time,

Matching with obi which we made by oneself, and there being

You said that it was one of the powerful charm of this Loan Object Exhibition.


We heard story from creator of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori successively.


Creator, Takahashi of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori

Takahashi is creator which continues participating from the first time of this Loan Object Exhibition.

We enter the industry of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori and are for nine years,

Feel was in a state at the start,

You said recently when you became able to make thing which you wanted to make.


The parents' house of Takahashi did not live by Arimatsu Narumi Shibori,

Because aunt liked kimono,

We had you show many kimonos.


There is kimono of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori in that,

It seemed to be left in head all the time.


And one day,

We find article of successor upbringing business of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori in newspaper and remember old days,

We jumped into this industry.


It is parasol of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori to have challenged this time.


We usually take pattern on outside part,

We put pattern in the center daringly,

When we saw from behind, we seemed to make to become pretty.


Thinking about design with grain of wood diaphragm, and making this time,

You said that it was the present aim.


We heard story toward the creator of Yamanaka Shikki successively.


Creator, Oshita of Yamanaka Shikki

Oshita is family,

We launch brand called classical music Coe,

We sell accessories which we made lacquer work on.


Originally we made tea service sets in Yamanaka Shikki,

We take as nature and way to the present young generation and think that it is with thing,

What made accessories does by opening.


But even if we say accessories,

As we use technique of lacquer work of Yamanaka Shikki well and are made,

We need many processes to make one,

Thing which showed this time,

You said that it took a little less than one month.


For amount of money, he/she raises a little,

When when we sell over the count, we explain work process,

Customer understands and seems to purchase.


When we want to continue making work which we are informed by young person in future,

You said.


We heard story from creator of Kagawa Shikki successively.


Creator, Nakata of Kagawa Shikki

There is five technique when we greatly divide into Kagawa Shikki,

Nakata is good at technique called *sei in that.


Originally we did not make Kagawa Shikki,

Because family of person who got married, and became husband made Kagawa Shikki,

We entered this industry.


It is often found that Nakata begins with to,

We put picture for bits and bobs such as chopsticks, bowl, incense game.


Because skin is only weak,

It often becomes lacquer poisoning,

You said that you always had a hard time.


We seem to want to make a little bigger thing in future.


Finally we heard story from creator of Ichii Itto Bori.


Creator, Itadono of Ichii Itto Bori

Ichii Itto Bori digs one work from tree of first place.

We are not with the coloration at all,

Color of tree of nature becomes same.


Father is doing Ichii Itto Bori, too,

We entered nature and this industry,

Because you must perform tree alone from place that you finish leaving including chain saw,

It is the fact that there are few industrial arts people of woman.


Is actually creator of Ichii Itto Bori; woman,

We let Itadono, and there seem to be only two people.


For the most difficult thing,

You said that it was to decide design.


For thing of all nature,

We decide where you take a certain white part to in tree and,

nishitarinado to be going with grain of wood,

Simply because there is a lot of having to think when we design,

It seems to be difficult.


What Itadono is good at

Rabbit, gecko, frog.


When we want to make works having young person pick up from now on,

You said.


Creator of five people who had you talk this time,

"Sum living loves Loan Object Exhibition! Gather and is exhibiting in woman artisan people Part 1 until August 22.


Please come to Aoyama square to play.