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2018/11/2 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of "traditional industrial art object of Iwate" and "Murakami Kibori Tsuishu"

Artisan corner "skill - Murakami Kibori Tsuishu exhibition of ... Echigo Murakami tradition" began with temporary exhibition "breath autumn form ... of traditional industrial art object exhibition - Michinoku of Iwate" each from today.


Talk show was performed in Aoyama square after a long absence and had you talk about each charm.


It is Sato of Morioka handicraft village first to have had you talk.


Sato of handmade village

There are 15 studios in handmade village,

There is place having you do experience in studio.


Studio as for Nambu Tekki, Iwayado Tansu, indigo dyeing, bamboo work, Woodcraft, grilled senbei,

What it is in features states from industrial art object to thing to eat.


Officially designated Traditional craft products of Iwate,

With Nambu Tekki, Joboji Nuri, Hidehira Nuri, four of Iwayado Tansu,

We brought only thing which industrial arts person made to this temporary exhibition.


Nambu Tekki is industrial art object following from the Edo era,

Thing which was kettle turns into iron kettle and leads to modern form.


We are popular abroad,

Culture of tea roots in it,

Chugoku and advance to Europe are important.


In iron going out of iron kettle in the country,

It is useful for iron content lack of Japanese people and,

From hot water becoming mellow when we boil hot water with iron kettle,

Popularity in Japan is becoming nonequivalent, too.


For how to use Nambu Tekki,

For thing for Nambu Tekki to boil hot water,

We never inquire into the inside.


After left hot water played,

We set fire so that drop of water disappears and splash water.

Only this is enough for care.


Even if it was sponge,

It leads to injuring in iron kettle,

As danger that rust produces from there increases, please be careful enough.


Next Joboji Nuri,

It is Laquer Ware which there is for a long time so that what was used as tableware of Buddhist priest of sky stand temple in about 800 in the Christian era is said to be opening.


There is only approximately 2% of domestic lacquered distribution in the world,

70 of 2% are produced in Jobouji.


There are 200,000 lacquered trees in Iwate,

Because tapping lacquer decreased,

It is the current situation to have problem that lacquer is not produced.


Now, Iwate and Ninohe-shi of lacquer to scratch, and to bring up way,

You said that you were fixing environment.


Hidehira Nuri features design of hishikata.


Gold leaf being used for Hidehira Nuri

There is background in the times that were excellent production center of money in old days in Iwate.


We did not get money at all now,

As the trace,

Gold leaf seems to be still used for Hidehira Nuri.


Finally Iwayado Tansu,

It was famous as rearranging chest said to be one of the trousseaus.


But modern Japanese does not live in house putting big chest,

Iwayado Tansu seemed to come to make thing called interior chest, too.


A lot of things that interior chest is small-sized

We can put as stylish chest in Western-style room.


Characteristic of such an Iwayado Tansu,

Decoration metal fittings.


There is thing which is not so that it is hand-kneaded and made,

By how to make this decoration metal fittings,

The price of chest itself seemed to greatly change, too.


Toward the creator of Murakami Kibori Tsuishu of artisan corner, we heard story successively.


Creator, Suzuki of Murakami Kibori Tsuishu

Murakami Kibori Tsuishu is Officially designated Traditional craft products of Niigata.

Place where characteristic applies lacquer after giving carving earlier.


"Thickly-coated red lacquer ware with patterns carved in relief" is thing which came from Chugoku,

We put lacquer on several hundred times and paint and do thickly-coated red lacquer ware with patterns carved in relief itself,

We sharpen lacquer and point to thing representing design.


With that purpose Murakami Kibori Tsuishu,

Technique becomes different things.


Murakami Kibori Tsuishu takes division of labor system,

Because, as for Suzuki, father performed carving and coating,

Both became made creator in the same way.


Where do you spend time toward?

If carving centers and performs, we can carve at a stretch,

As for the time to dry coating for need,

You said that you would spare time toward the coating by all means.


Place where carving of Murakami Kibori Tsuishu is difficult again,

Place that we finish all processes with one double-edged chisel which we do not use at other production centers.


As for the design that both curve and straight line are particular about,

As we go with chisel of one all, we cannot readily imitate in others.


Place where coating is difficult again,

Place to paint with that lacquer gets into groove carved finely and does not delete design.


Pick up Murakami Kibori Tsuishu,

Design becomes clear,

We told that thing with three-dimensional impression was better.


In addition, Niigata may be called production center of rice,

Sake is famous, too.


Therefore partly because it is said that extra-large sake cup is popular,

You said when you brought a lot of extra-large sake cups in particular this time.


As there is extra-large sake cup which we made in partnership with designer of the Kanto district among them,

We are just looking and become fun.


Have young person pick up in future,

We make cheap thing including having roots,

When we have Murakami Kibori Tsuishu become entrance to know,

You said.


Two people who had you talk this time,

Until temporary exhibition "form ... of breath autumn of traditional industrial art object exhibition - Michinoku of Iwate" - November 14

Until artisan corner "skill - Murakami Kibori Tsuishu exhibition of ... Echigo Murakami tradition" - November 7

We exhibit.


Temporary exhibition has demonstration on Saturday and Sunday,

As, as for the Murakami Kibori Tsuishu, demonstration is carried out all the time during period,

Please come to Aoyama square to play.