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2018/11/22 Thursday product information

We put cute wild boar

This year is another just a little over one month, too.

Sexagenary cycle "wild boar" of the Heisei last begins to equal Aoyama square.


Wild boars of each production center begin to form a line from now on,

It is Washi Paper, Ceramics, doll, four kinds of metalworking product to be putting to Aoyama square now.



Even if wild boar is thing of the same production center,

We look totally vary according to creator.


What felt difference in particular

Three of bottom.




Characteristic is different in all each,

It is wild boars which we want to pick up unintentionally.


Wild boar is not only solid,

Some plane things enter.





As for the sexagenary cycle, use varies.


What kind of sexagenary cycle does everybody want to put near?

Come to Aoyama square by all means.