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Special dish which is recommended on 2018/12/20 Thursday

Charm of Inami Chokoku which turned from Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine sculpture into indoor sculpture of standard home

In Nanto-shi, Toyama,

There is Inami Chokoku of Officially designated Traditional craft products.



Beginning of Inami Chokoku,

To engraver dispatched for the Zuisen-ji Temple main hall of a Buddhist temple rebuilding from Kyoto,

After learning sculpture because four local carpenters repair, it is said to be body.



Engravers of Inami Chokoku competed for the skill of oneself in Shinto shrine Buddhist temple.


We were engaged in sculpture of gorgeous Shinto shrine Buddhist temple of various parts of Japan afterwards,

We come to study sculpture of ranma of standard home after the Meiji era began,

We establish genre of Inami ranma.


We perform both sculpture of Shinto shrine Buddhist temple and sculptures of ranma of standard home even after the Showa era begins,

We left work of Inami Chokoku in Japan.




There is craftsman making Shinto shrine Buddhist temple and ranma now,

People making ornament and petty people such as broachs employed to Aoyama square increase.


Put creator together in the times,

We will change.




We come to appear until wall hangings and the Bon Festival,

Ranges as Woodcraft increase year by year.


There is not the handling in online shop of Aoyama square now,

Person liking Woodcraft stops, and it is often the person watching the form.


Foreigner picked up, too and saw the other day.


Please drop in.