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2017/3/7 Tuesday product information

Aoyama square of March

Cold finally fades, too, We came to feel coming of spring.   Redecoration of central stage is over, and even Aoyama square turns into display toward May.   & nbs...

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2017/2/16 Thursday news

[from Thursday, February 16 to 21st Tuesday holding]
Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro
Officially designated Traditional craft products exhibition WAZA2017 began!

From today 10:00, In Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro, "Officially designated Traditional craft products exhibition WAZA2017" began.   With opening of a store of 10:00, Of fan who visitor running enough comes, and is ardent...

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2017/1/27 Friday exhibition information

Izushi Yaki, Iwayado Tansu, state of talk show of Morioka

From today, takumi corner "four Traditional Craft Izushi Yaki exhibition," display of central stage "Iwayado Tansu and ten which was Iwayado living" began temporary exhibition "Traditional Craft - Iwate foot of a mountain, much Megumi ... of Morioka".   Aoyama's kelp grouper...

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2017/1/17 Tuesday exhibition information

State of woman Kazuyo talk show

Talk show was performed in Aoyama square with temporary exhibition "skill woman Master of Traditional Crafts exhibition - writer of woman lifetime" from 14:00 on the first day.   This time toward 11 woman industrial arts people, We asked about story. &...

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2017/1/14 Saturday production center visit report

The history and the future of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori 400 years

There is just what old mansions of several form a line when we go down Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Arimatsu Station. It is historical cityscape which develops as tie-dyed production center, and is appointed in important traditional buildings preservation district. One of such an old mansions is existence...

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2017/1/10 Tuesday product information

The world of historical Ojiya Chijimi that technique to come for a long time was made by the cause

In Ojiya-shi, Niigata, What's called "hemp shrinkage" was woven.   We thought whether you could not improve hemp shrinkage more and succeeded in putting wrinkle (wrinkle in careful wave).   In this...

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2016/12/27 Tuesday product information

Aoyama square of December

We stayed, and there became a few this year. Business of this year of Aoyama square is until 28th tomorrow, too.   In now central stage, Flower of plum has already bloomed.   [caption i...

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2016/11/29 Tuesday product information

Laquer Ware - Wakasa Nuri ... which let you embody the world of the bottom of the sea

  There is two Laquer Ware appointed in Officially designated Traditional craft products in Fukui. One of those is "Wakasa Nuri".   Wakasa Nuri is the beginning of 17th century, The bottom of the Gulf of Kohama is graphically designed at the lacquering Bon Festival of Chugoku by hint...

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2016/11/17 Thursday production center visit report

Attractive ... which is infinite with glaze of Akazu Yaki - seven

 Do you know ceramic ware called Akazu Yaki? There may be few people that the place name of Akatsu appeals as the name of ceramic ware. Long industrial art object of the serious history that Akazu Yaki is earthenware which, by the way, is made called Akazucho in Seto-shi, and is counted in Japanese six Old kiln...

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2016/11/14 Monday exhibition information

Talk show of Kagawa Shikki and Joboji Nuri

"We paint with Kagawa Shikki, and thing, gatari" and takumi section are brought up in tradition industrial art object exhibition ... beautiful skill of Morioka and heart, the foot of Iwate, and ..." begins, and talk show is performed on the same day from 16:00, and "they are better temporary exhibition in Aoyama square than Friday, November 11...

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