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2017/8/21 Monday exhibition information

[Loan Object Exhibition] Talk show of the craftsman exhibition and Higo Zogan

"Now began after section Kumamoto Higo Zogan exhibition earthquake disaster" artisan with "world ... of production center selection fourth DENSAN the craftsman exhibition ... men who shined" from August 18 [Loan Object Exhibition].   From 14:00 for the first day, it is to...

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2017/7/21 Friday exhibition information

We love sum living! Gather; talk show of woman artisan people Part 1

In Aoyama square from last week 14th Loan Object Exhibition "live, and love harmony! Gathered, and woman artisan people Part 1 began.   As talk show by annual artisans was performed from 14:00, we introduce. &...

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2017/6/20 Tuesday product information

Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku which spread out by side job of samurai

When daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo was carried out in the early period of Edo era, it is Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku to have caught eye of local daimyos. Basket and colander were made from that time.     Samurais living in Suruga district are inner...

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2017/6/2 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of Nagiso potter's wheel and Agano Yaki

Temporary exhibition "Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku exhibition" and artisan corner "joya*dentokogeishishukamasaku*ten" began on today.   Annual talk show is performed in Aoyama square from 14:00 and tells about state at that time....

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2017/5/19 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of wazamon a large number of people and Mashiko Yaki

Temporary exhibition "Nagoya Traditional Craft wazamon a large number of people Festival" and artisan corner "Mashiko Yaki Master of Traditional Crafts Masatoshi Otsuka exhibition" began on today in Aoyama square.   And as annual talk show was performed from 14:00...

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2017/5/18 Thursday product information

Unique Tsuboya Yaki which continues being powerful

  There is Ceramics which is continued making from old days for approximately 300 years in Okinawa.   It is Tsuboya Yaki which is appointed in Officially designated Traditional craft products now. Although we are made from the 15th century, production center is formed...

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2017/4/28 Friday exhibition information

Talk show of Honba Oshima Tsumugi and Murakami Kibori Tsuishu

"Skill - Murakami Kibori Tsuishu exhibition of artisan corner of ... Echigo Murakami tradition" began on today. "Honba Oshima Tsumugi work presentation" is held by temporary exhibition sequentially from last week.   And is it 14:00 in Aoyama square?...

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2017/4/21 Friday product information

Aoyama square of April

It is the latter half in April and is GW soon.   GW is Aoyama square, and please come to play in many demonstrations and experiencing.   Aoyama is squarer the other day, Niigata Shikki...

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2017/4/10 Monday exhibition information

[Loan Object Exhibition] Talk show of "new idea is fragrant for traditional texture dyeing" seaweed spring breeze

Aoyama was square, and "new idea was fragrant traditional texture [Loan Object Exhibition] seaweed spring breeze from April 7 to dye," but it began, and production centers of Woven textiles that there was many gathered.   And talk show by artisan is line wa from 14:00 for the first day, too...

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2017/3/24 Friday exhibition information

Kumamoto earthquake revival special plan "do the best! no talk show which bear does not dissolve in

By temporary exhibition Kumamoto earthquake revival special plan "do the best! Bear does not melt, too!" But, we began on today, and talk show was performed in Aoyama square.   At first it is Ikeda of curator of Kumamoto Traditional Craft building...

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