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2018/9/10 Monday news

Aoyama square of September

It was season when autumn wind was finally felt.   Meanwhile, Aoyama square is stained with autumnal scenery, too.   Aoyama square changes temporary exhibition every 2 weeks, every other week artisan corner...

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2018/2/23 Friday news

NEW DENSAN PROJECT result presentation

Yesterday, in meeting room of Aoyama square on the second floor, result presentation of NEW DENSAN PROJECT was held.   ※It is Officially designated Traditional craft products industrial development with NEW DENSAN PROJECT...

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2017/11/7 Tuesday news

The sexagenary cycle of the next year came to Aoyama square

For permanent exhibition of Aoyama square, sexagenary cycle "inu" of the next year has begun to be displayed.   Many dogs meet person coming to shop from Hakata Ningyo this time.   [caption id...

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2017/2/16 Thursday news

[from Thursday, February 16 to 21st Tuesday holding]
Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro
Officially designated Traditional craft products exhibition WAZA2017 began!

From today 10:00, In Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro, "Officially designated Traditional craft products exhibition WAZA2017" began.   With opening of 10:00, Of fan who customer running enough comes, and is ardent...

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2016/9/23 Friday news

September 24, 25th
"Tourism EXPO Japan 2016" exhibition

In "tourism EXPO Japan 2016 holding on 25th on September 24," we exhibit this year!   Today concerning company Day, We went for coverage promptly.  ...

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2016/5/12 Thursday news

Aoyama square of May

Central part of Aoyama square which we put together for a long time in Children's Day, and helmet and armor were displayed changed to good display in coming season! [caption id="attachment_132...

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2016/5/2 Monday news

JTCW kickoff meeting was held

Kickoff meeting of scheduled JTCW was held in Tokyo midtown from the end of October on April 26. (with product which creator and seller took each other's hands with ※ JTCW, and fitted needs of current master (consumers) han...

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2016/3/30 Wednesday news

Mitsui Golden takumishozoshoshiki

zoshoshiki of "Mitsui Golden artisan Prize" which we raised in our HP was performed in Yomiuri Otemachi hall from 14:00 on March 29. In this zoshoshiki, it is zosho and mosutopopyura prize and the grand prix to five prize winners...

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2016/2/18 Thursday news

Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Officially designated Traditional craft products exhibition WAZA2016 began!

Officially designated Traditional craft products exhibition WAZA2016 in Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro which became annual began at today's 10:00 every year at last! Customer that it is performed on the eighth floor of Tobu Department Store, but there is many with the opening time of 10:00...

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2015/12/12 Saturday news

★☆★The tradition industrial art object – latter part which colors Christmas–★☆★

Hello. It is introduction, the latter part of Christmas product to be able to buy right now in Aoyama square online shop. We are in time enough even from now of buying on Christmas! The first part introduces wineglass and champagne glass...

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